Why Haven’t You Succeeded Yet?

No one would accuse you of lack of trying. I am certain that you have tried many times to succeed in your business but, in the process, something went wrong! And on top of that, that problematic business situation worsen your life and family conditions.

Do you know what I mean? I bet you do! We all have to exact the same amount of time to live, work, play relax, entertain ourselves,  develop relationships, take care of health, attend our family, etc. (1.440 minutes per day).  But this time is not enough for everybody.

For some is too little to do whatever it needs to be done, for others is more than enough to do everything it is important to be done and having some more for extra activities. You see is not about time!

If you would have a magic wand and you intentionally can choose to be in either one of these categories of people, what would you choose?

Yes, my point exactly! Me too. I’d choose to be the one can focus on what important and having more time for developing himself, his/her business, spend quality life with his/her family and living a better and improved lifestyle, anytime.

You know what! This magic wand exists. And you have it. It is called self-leadership and comprise of all these bits and pieces so many times gurus and experts have told you to attend to, but for some reason, you never believed they talk to you!

You never thought that authenticity, character, vision, discipline, focus, initiatives, learning, value provision, etc. has anything to do with your lifestyle. And if you thought it had, now is too late to get them! Don’t you? I’ve been there, I’ve done the same. Until I changed my path!

Change is not always intentional. Sometimes random effects and life ripple towards a point that you cannot do anything. But change! For me, it happens within the worst economic crisis in Greece and Europe with the end of my corporate days.

I had to find again what I was made of and develop a life and business path that I could serve it and honored it according to my core values and it would allow me to provide value to the people who trust me!

That’s  why I have started 3 years ago to develop my personal roadmap to … my goals! It wasn’t easy. I had many drawbacks, second thoughts, negotiations, second guessing, etc. but I want to be myself in a world having lost its identity!

I have a vision.  To make a better world by optimally using the best of human elements and values in synergy to the finest entrepreneurship and business concepts, initiatives, and practices.

I believe that business can be better if the core human elements influenced their operations and people can become what they become if they use entrepreneurship tools and approaches. And the key to that is a little bit component called leadership. Or rather Leadership Initiatives.

That means the ability to use the best of what people and business have to offer towards developing an abundant value and significance for everyone involved in a given process. To combine the best self-leadership concepts for becoming the person who can take the initiatives to change what it needs to be changed!

That was my idea, and that it is the idea that I sponsored for more than 3 years now! I wanted to provide value, beyond what’s expected and offer quality services in a market have it in large need!  And I do it using many different enablers to help me reach you. Among them:

  • Books and e-Books
  • A blog and several other websites
  • Courses, seminars, and Webinars
  • Consulting and coaching
  • Training and education
  • Information products and services of value I develop or promote
  • Various different points of online presence on the internet

In that process I manage to:

  • Help people to find their way on a personal or professional level
  • Develop a multiple awarded blog on leadership and personal development
  • Author and publish several books and e-books
  • Develop several online courses and seminars
  • Develop several workflows to permit me to be successful in my content marketing activities
  • Design various procedures to streamline my work and varying interests
  • Start to develop different working paths and venues (most of them of a remote or nomadic nature), along with my consulting business
  • Get in the entrepreneur position having started to develop and evolve various different mindsets and skills, along with the roles, I needed to embody (employ!) for the works have to be done for my business, site, blog, etc.
  • Write many things and for many friends and associates providing quality copywriting services to people wanted to work with me
  • Furnish innovative approaches for small business in online business, social media, and marketing
  • Gather, purchase, acquire and master various resources, aiming at resulting to various business products (either as learning courses or as different types of content)
  • Provide consultation, coaching, and advice (pro bono) to more than 200 small business owners, entrepreneurs and freelancers
  • Worked with many valuable international partners and associations
  • Become affiliate or came in contact with many creative organizations and companies
  • Meet, associate or cooperate with more than 200 free market agents
  • Develop a community of more than 15,000 like-minded peers
  • Have a constant presence in various social media networks

What a journey! Personally, I define it as personal strategies for business results. And I am still learning. I still trying to pinpoint the strategies of succeeding and learning! And I keep on doing that. Always!

This is my path and you were invited to join me. All you need are your commitment to getting the knowledge and skills required for your personal path and the right strategies, approaches and tools would serve your objectives.

What do you say? You can start simple, by defining your better productive self. You can get the book and start realizing how much more you can do in your given time frame.

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