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If you like the subjects of this blog and you want to contribute to the topics discussed with your ideas, approaches, schemes, knowledge and skills I would be glad to hear about them. Or if you need a place to share interesting stuff or concepts you think can benefit a lot of people, this is the place for you.

I would like to invite you, to write one blog post (or even more!) and share your ideas and your writings with our readers, creating posts and resources of value that would impact many people.

Guest Post Guidelines

I welcome these initiatives and I’m willing to publish your articles and you guest posts in this blog. Therefore, to make it clear, I would like to state that I will accept Guest Posts for this blog, providing that are compliant with the following guidelines.

Content of Guest Post

Your guest post should be falling on one of these categories:

  • Blogging
  • Business
  • e-Learning
  • Leadership
  • Personal Development
  • Productivity
  • Social Media
  • Startups/Entrepreneurship

It is important that the guest post you will submit, should not be promotional or an advertisement of a service, product or any other commercial item.

General Guidelines

  • The author(s) should have an established internet presence. That means not overly advertising texts, no author bios pointing to a commercial site (indirect advertising) and not to a personal page or blog, no authors without real ID or photo, no authors without a previous presence in other blogs, sites (unless I have agreed otherwise).  In short authors that would like to have a contribution in my site should be real, named, verified and with real photos (signed in services as gravatar for instance) and able to be verified!
  • No guest author should be considered as a contributor to this site if he/she does not interact with the community of this site (i.e. does not answer to the comment on his/her post, does not propagate his/her post in the social media, does not have submitted more than 3 posts, etc.). Only the contributors have the  right to post their guest posts with a separate author box and as a contributor is considered someone who has contributed in this site more than 3 posts and actively interacts with the community!
  • Your post should be original and never before should have been published either in an electronic or analog/print medium.
  • With the submission of your post, you agree not to publish it anywhere else, including your blog or site. But you announce it in your site or blog by providing a summary or a description, link it to its location in this site.
  • I reserve the right to publish or reject your post or article according to my objectives, the necessities, the subject, the writing style or the scheduling of my Blog. The rejection of a guest post, though, does not eliminate your right to re-submitting your article in my blog on a later time or to send me another article on a later time. I always welcome the opportunity for more guest postings!
  • You should provide content that is suitable to the objectives and goals of this site. I strongly urge you to take a look at the content and posting of this blog, in order to familiarize yourself with the style and approaches used.
  • Your post should not exceed the 500-700 words in length and should be proofread by the author prior to its submission.
  • With your post, you may furnish a visual element (picture, image, or other), that would be belong to a free copyrighted or common share or royalty free scheme. The author who may use such picture or image should he or she be responsible for the citation of the image, photo, artwork, etc that is going to be used (image reference, links, copyrights, etc). The same restrictions apply and for the other multimedia elements may be used in a guest post.
  • The author of a guest post would he or she be responsible for furnishing any other element, he or she deems as necessary for the proper documentation of the article (this included but not limited to attached files, draws, or books, etc), as well as the reference links, he or she think they are necessary for his/her post.
  • You should always provide a current and valid e-mail address to be used for the communication between us.
  • You should provide a small 2-3 sentences bio which would accompany your guest post. You may include up to 3 links in your bio, in order the readers know some information about the author. One directing the users to your site or blog, one guiding them to your CV or your about page and (optionally) one guiding them to a social media account of yours.


  • For sub-headings in your guest post, you can use h3 and below tags (h4, h5,…)
  • Your post should be formatted as HTML (in an attached separate file), as a word or as Markdown document (I would like to have the option to copy it directly to WordPress Editor or have as much less processing as possible). You should include any format of these as attachments in an e-mail.
  • The photos that may be used in the article should fall within the widely acceptable internet image file types (such as .jpg, .png, .gif, etc are). The same condition applies and for the other support or multimedia elements, may be used in the post such as documents, video, audio, podcast, or other.
  • I retain the option to proofread your post and to proceed if needed, in some changes, in a degree that would not compromise the meaning and the concept of the article. If I proceed to large changes, I will communicate with you (before the posting) for your remarks and your final approval.
  • ALWAYS, include the author byline at the end of your article with the appropriate links (to your blog or web page, to your bio or cv, etc) [see and above section].


If your post follows the above guidelines:

  • You would finalize it, you would proof-read it and you will send it to me by e-mail.  Please include the post in the body of the e-mail itself, or attach it as a .doc or as a .txt [normal or markdown] attachment. Due to my demanding schedule, I usually require 2-3 weeks for sending you my answer (Sorry about that. I try to improve the response time!).
  • In your mail, please include some things about yourself, your activities, your site or blog along with your social media addresses your deem as important, for me to understand better yourself and your writings (this is important, since networking is one of the major advantages in blogging and in Guest Blogging in particular).

After Submission

  • I will always reply you, about the course of the guest post you submitted in this site and I will communicate with you in order to inform you whether I accepted or rejected your article.
  • If I accept your blog post, I would provide if feasible, a time frame for its publication, as well as, a link for you to review it, before its public announcement.
  • I expect, after the posting of your article, to actively participate and interact with the possible comments to be done by my readers (answer, explain, comment, etc). This step is important for building identity and community among the involved parties while at the same time promotes and further your branding in an ever wider range.


Based partly on published material and original work made by Daniel Scocco, Michael Hyatt, and Craig Jarrow. Thank you very much, Gentlemen, for all your wonderful ideas, suggestions and contribution! The final composition and the ideas expressed here within is the responsibility of the author.

THIS is a work in progress [Last Update]: May 20, 2015

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.