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There is power in connections and networking! And there is more power to significance you can find in your action via the interaction & collaboration with many like-minded people around the world.

This is the place for this connection. A place you can find meaning, along with connections, help, and support to fulfil your dreams and achieve your goals!

Takis Athanassiou Leadership Initiative Community

If you want to meet others with an interest in online businesses, content and course development, training, e-Learning, marketing, productivity and proven methods to bring the results you want, you are in the right place!

Join our community in Facebook, where you can meet and interact with other peers with the same problems you have, ask questions and get answers, and collaborate with others about the subjects that matter most to you.

Welcome to the Takis Athanassiou Leadership Initiative Community. A community of people decides to lead their life and business taking the initiative to innovate, to entrepreneurship, to grow and to construct a better place for everybody to live in!

This is the locations you can share your ideas and your approaches and your dreams! This is the network that will help you to reach whatever goal you want to reach!

I’ll be happy to see you inside.

Beyond that, there are more specialized pages and groups you can find of use for your work or life and I am involved in. Some of these are the:

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