What I’m doing now

Presently I am involved in many activities and projects continuation or launching (both personal and business ones).  Some are totally new, some are older. All of them, though, need a rather large amount of my attention!

At the moment I’m:

  • re-design my blog (I am adding new sections, functionalities, etc.) and I am adding some more pages
  • focusing on SEO, traffic and list building issues
  • actively engaged in developing the Leadership Initiative Community
  • finishing up a new book (I am still writing…)
  • developing a free e-mail course for mail productivity
  • designing some e-learning courses
  • add some more functionality in my Leadership Initiative @Business site (I am thinking to use it mainly for service provision, and for that reason I add LMS and forum modules, while I start using some membership plugins for training)
  • helping people to understand and use effectively basic business and marketing concepts (via consulting, training, mentoring and coaching)
  • launching some new projects
  • reading interesting books, blogs, and articles
  • assembling the basic resources for launching a new podcast
  • writing here and here!

Last update was July 10, 2016.

The “Now” page is an original idea by Derek Sivers as a mean for better communication and interaction with his readers. Derek has made public and promoted this idea as a live log of what everyone does at the moment. I found the concept excellent so I adopted it, deciding to create a Now page in my site!