Work With Me

I’m a business consultant for more than 23 years, focusing on the areas of e-Business and e-Learning! I enjoy learning and to provide value to my clients via strategies, tactics, and approaches can help them to reach their objectives.

Today I provide various business strategy and coaching services to my clients and a lot of value to my readers using many personal and Leadership Initiative Community channels with prime one, my newsletter. This is the medium (along to LI Communities) I mostly use for sharing my insights, approaches, new information and items of importance for the people want to make a difference in their world.

If you want to work with me, there are several ways to communicate with me in order to collaborate, to exploit my skills or knowledge or just for sharing a hello. You can:

  1. Review my posts and my articles in order to find some information about the subjects you are interested most. My site has been designed to provide maximum visibility to all subjects I focus on and, today has a huge amount of resources covering many different topics. I am certain that you will find what you are looking for! Besides that, I provide many free resources (as free e-Books with your subscription and a free business e-course) along to high-value resources you can select and use for your business.
  2. Listen to my Leadership Execution podcast and get more ideas on how you grow your business and your networks.
  3. Subscribe to my newsletter and get my latest updates to your mailbox. My newsletter is the spearhead of my content strategy and my medium of choice for privileged communication with my readers. My newsletter re-assures you access to my mailbox and a constant flow of my best insights, strategies, operations, approaches, and tools for improving your life and business.
  4. Find me on the Clarity, the AngelList, the Maven, the BizSugar, the GrowthHacker, the Hacker News, the, the, and communicate with me on specific topics.
  5. Check my work on the Medium, the Reddit, the LinkedIn, the AboutLeaders, and on My Ezine Articles.
  6. Use services or networks as the Quora, or Twitter, to ask me questions and find answers to issues of your interest. Quora, for instance, is a service can help you solve many common problems, providing a Q&A stream you can exploit for your purposes.
  7. Join me on specialized focused groups and communities like the Leadership Initiative Page at Facebook (the Leadership Initiative Community),  the 10 Ideas a Day group (an idea & solutions focused group), the Leadership Connection, the Leadership Initiative Formation (LIf),  or the Entrepreneurs & Freelancers group on LinkedIn.
  8. Work with me as a consultant and business strategist on business operations, project roll out or e-learning specific projects. At times, I am running specialized membership services or assume consulting on focused groups to help them grow their business.
  9. I coordinate and run my personal mastermind group (I accept just a few members on a yearly basis) while I participate in various mastermind groups of other consultants.
  10. Collaborate with me on the development of specific courses and training material
  11. Hire me as project manager for specific projects in e-Business, e-Learning, Marketing, Social Media or human development sectors
  12. Hire me for coaching services. I coordinate and run various 1:1 strategic session with clients while I assume coaching services on specific topics (after request). Sometimes I assume various pro bono side projects for certain people and agencies based on various criteria. At the same time, I participate in a Greek mentoring network (ALLILONnet) to help people grow their business.
  13. Use me as extra assistance in writing, marketing or pre-sales projects.
  14. Get my products, books, and courses to help you clarify your ideas on specific issues. I have published various books on Amazon on Barnes&Noble, on Kobo,  etc. I have also released various products on Gumroad, while I keep on providing various free resources on this site,  on TradePub, and on other places.
  15. Follow me on the Twitter, the Linkedin, the Google+, the Tumblr, the Facebook, the Flickr, the Klout, the Youtube, the Soundcloud, the FourSquare, the Instagram, and the Pinterest.
  16. I am active on various networks as the Product Hunt, the StumbleUpon, or the Digg.

If you need a service I have not to include here, please feel free to e-mail me directly (or use my contact form, here) and discuss how I can help you!