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Why Leadership?

Leadership and Business ver.4 - Free Leadership and Business Book

Leadership, today, can be used both as a framework of thought and as a tool for bringing desired and intended changes to a personal and professional level. These changes, made intentionally in a personal and professional level, can propagate results and outputs in the areas of personal development, relationships, business, communities, policies, politics, etc.

Considering the present situation, with all the problems a modern person has to cope with, the changing of things that are not working anymore, as used to be, should and ought to be a task of personal responsibility. And, for this reason, I believe that a broad initiative must be taken, in order to regain the insights that can lead us, to formulate a better social, political, business and personal environment. I believe that Leadership, as a principle and disciple, is a vital component in this procedure and can be used by anyone in order to enhance his/her personal and professional life.

Today, in a competitive market environment, with more demanding tasks and requirements a person can cope with, and with a widespread information overload demanding for attention, a person should, he or she, has a guide to support him/her in his/hers daily, short and long-term goals.

Why this free e-book?

This little free e-book moves to that direction. The free e-Book you are going to receive, consists of posts, have been published in various periods, in the Takis Athanassiou Blog on Leadership Initiative, and I think that provides a framework for reference and discussion on topics related to Business and Leadership.

I compile this book as a review of my blog posts and as an exercise in developing e-Books, an area I was not familiar with. When done, though, I thought that some ideas can benefit more people and decide to give it free to my readers as a reference material on the ideas discussed on my blog.

Furthermore, I would like to notice, that I consider this small free e-Book as a work of progress, an e-Book that periodically I would update it, with new methodologies, approaches, insights, ideas, and tools.

How to get it?

You can get your free copy of e-Book: On Business & Leadership (version 4.0) by subscribing to the following form.

Thank you very much for your interest in the topics of this site!

I hope that you would enjoy this free e-Book.