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Make Money On The Side Today Working From Home

A book by Takis Athanassiou

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Learn Today How To Make Extra Income OnlineAnd Start Living A Productive and Prosperous Life

This book explains the top strategies and tactics to make extra income online today!

If you could make some side income online would it help you to solve some of your problems? This easy-to-read book will show you why it is possible to make some extra income online and how to do it!

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And the best of all? It’s free and can make you see today economy in a different way!

Why Is Today Economy Different? And What’s In It For Me?

Business, today, is not what used to be. When I start working there were no widespread internet infrastructures and its main purpose is to facilitate the communication between distance business parties.

The advance of technology and the practices developed upon the web’s infrastructure changed all that and render the Internet one of the favorite places for doing business, communicate and interact.

The shift of the traditional economy to a digital one was not always easy nor happens without problems. But the new model of doing business remotely is now present and can be used by anyone interested in developing a side income online to boost up his/her living or enhance his/her present income.

It is not difficult today to have some good ideas for developing products or rent your knowledge and skills to someone else, exchanging your time for money (or other resources, of course)!

This small book explores just that! What it takes for you to work from home and get some extra income online!

Why Are You Here?

You are here for one of many random reasons.  You maybe are here because:

  • You were searching for similar topics in Google, in Bing, or in another search engine,
  • You are following my work and you like my work,
  • You need to make some extra income and you are searching for ways to do that,
  • You have seen something relevant to social media, or
  • You have sent here from a friend have read the book and liked it

Whatever the reason may be, I’d like to thank you and to invite you to take a look at this small book.

I hope it would provide you some basic knowledge of how you can work from your home and lunch a new career on the side!

In This Book, You Will Discover

This small book provides basic ideas on how can earn some side income in the new digital economy. The books covers:

  • What digital economy has to offer you,
  • The basic requirements needed for working online,
  • What it takes to get a side income online, and
  • Ways and approaches on how to develop an income online

I hope this book would help you realize more things about the new economy and at the same time get some extra money on the side.

Is This Book For You?

The book How To Make Extra Income Online: Make Money On The Side Today Working From Home is focused on provide basic knowledge and cultivate skills needed in every area of today’s digital economy.

Its main focus is to help people understand the basic mechanism of our today market and realize how to exploit them to their benefit.

It explains in simple words the approaches and ways a person can use to develop a “real work” from the comfort of his/her house providing basic ideas you can implement with less trouble.

The book is mainly addressed:

  • To people need to make a side income online but they do not know how to start,
  • To Internet newbies want to find what they can do with this medium,
  • To people have lost their work or are currently between careers and want to find new ways to make a living,
  • To people want to change a job and search for new ways to work based on their special life requirements,
  • To people want to work remotely and want to know how to make ends meet.

but contains many references can be used by professionals too!

The book is designed specifically to be a small easy reading compilation of the basic approaches a newbie can employ to make a living today with a computer and from his/her house. But it is also a source of reference containing important books and articles that can help you select a new side work and develop the necessary knowledge and skills to make it a success.

Why Is This Book FREE!

When I started blogging my main reason for writing was to disseminate some information of value to people who may need them.  But as the time was passing and having my personal experience about how difficult it is to succeed in our new digital market, it makes apparent that new knowledge and skills should be developed, especially so by the people need most to operate in the modern market.

The new economic conditions leave unemployed or without a working object many people having educated with the premises of the last century and worked successfully for a long time but today deemed as obsolete.

The new economy provides opportunities but brings with it and many disadvantages to people who have never learned to work with the Internet and computers. and not just to the undeveloped countries.  Many people in the so-called developed countries face adaptability problems, either because they are a computer or Internet illiterate or because they were old when they start working with the new technologies or because they lack basic (today) knowledge and skills.

All these are clever, creative people need sometimes a little push to see things differently and a little confirmation that whatever the age, sex, nationality or location they have the right to participate equally in the new world around us.

The only thing they need to do is to commit to learning some simple things and use their own initiative for making a difference (and a success!).

This is the function of this little book. To be “a message in a bottle” if you like for the people’s need and want to work in the modern market.

I have worked for more than 23 years trying to develop such knowledge and skills to people needed most and what I have learned is that everything is possible for the people having goals and direction.

I am a big fan of people and my aim is to make business more humane while cultivating to people many “entrepreneur-like” mental and business models are necessary today for their success. Among them individuality and initiatives, win-win strategies, group actions and work, remote cooperation, goal setting, planning, etc. And, paying it forward, of course as a way to make a difference!

No one can do a success alone and there are many sources of information for the people are searching for them. Provide this book for free is my way to pay respect to people honoured me with their attention and help me to learn more about the things I need to accomplish my objectives. And this is my way to “Pay It Forward” since it is something everybody with a basic computer hardware and an Internet connection can do!

Get Started Today With The How To Make Extra Income Online

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P.S. It really is simple, but you need to know what to do in today’s economy. You need to learn what really works and how you can put it into practice today! So you need to devote some time to learn how things work and start setting your goals striving to make them real.

P.P.S.S. If you like the content of the book and help you to make a difference in your life, please send me a note! And if you have the time, I would appreciate a small comment on Amazon. Either way, thank you!

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