Centrallo – A New Productivity Tool

Centrallo (not an affiliate link) is a new list-based productivity tool, that helps the people to organize, to centralize and to prioritize their life. Centrallo is a cross-platform native iPhone, iPad and Android app that can help you be more efficient in your personal and professional life.

Centrallo - A New Productivity Tool

What Is Centrallo?

Centrallo is a next generation, high functional, productivity tool, that can help you to organize your life in a more simple and productive way. You may think Centrallo as a hybrid tool among Evernote and Dropbox, providing a more simple and effortless way for you to do your day-to-day tasks and activities. Centrallo capitalizes on the success established by platforms as Evernote and other list-based productivity tools in order to produce a simple and elegant interface, any user can use without any problem.

Centrallo Main Features

As a system, Centrallo can be easily customized according to your requirements!

With Centrallo you can:

  • Create unlimited lists, and lists within lists,
  • Store links, photos, video, voice notes, important dates, contacts, Dropbox links, and more,
  • Track quickly and effortlessly your priorities,
  • Share your notes with your family or colleagues,
  • Have a Centrallo e-Mail address,
  • Implement your workflow without any problems, and
  • Use it, on the Web, iPhone, iPad and Android (Is a cross-functional platform and always available).

How To Use Centrallo!

You can use Centrallo, as a stand-alone application, and your main repository of your life. You can store all your tasks and activities, ideas, to-dos, schedules, incubated ideas, pictures, notes, etc. You can also use it, as a support system, to store ideas, approaches, etc. that you support your daily actions. The choice is yours.

Centrallo, as I have said before, is a list-based system and can be used either as your main system or a supporting one for specific actions or projects!

You can develop a system of lists, categorized by your main areas of interest. In such a way, you can have any category you find useful for your productivity system.

Having in place a productivity system or an established workflow for your work, you can use Centrallo for:

  • Build categories for your lists,
  • Establish and track your priorities,
  • Develop personal and professional lists,
  • Make various lists of things you want to remember and to do (as gifts, activities, places you want to visit, etc),
  • Employ personal notes, references, and lists,
  • Share lists with people of interest,
  • Collaborate with co-workers,
  • Attach Rich media in your notes,
  • Separate between private and public items,
  • Have a central point of collecting new items (inbox) – at your Centrallo e-mail account,
  • Move lists in different categories,
  • Syncing your lists on all devices you use
  • Work offline

In total, Centrallo is a trustworthy productivity platform, that can be used effectively for organizing your personal and professional life.

Give Centrallo a try!

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    • Takis: Thanks for introducing me to Centrallo. How would you compare and contrast this service with other productivity tools, e.g., Trello and Workflowy?

      • I don’t! Every tool , fits the workings of a person. Therefore , I cannot compare. I use, heavily, Trello for my projects, but this is not a trend. Every tools has its + and – . I think it is you define what is true or not!