Do you like Analog Systems?

I have to confess! I have and always had an affection for analog (paper-based productivity) systems using them for various purposes (ideas and thoughts recording, drawing, note-taking, etc), even before the period a portable or mobile device became available in the market.

Paper-Based Productivity

Paper-Based Productivity Systems of Use

As far as I can remember myself, I used pens and papers (notebooks, sheets, post-it notes, etc) for recording either the things to be done or the things to be remembered later on. And for long time the paper productivity is always an indispensable part of my toolbox, even when more elaborated digital tools came forth.

During the years I had developed, my own system for recording, tracking down the thinks I deem as important! Later I try to merge my intuition and long-term usability with the digital systems I used at the time, coupling them with equally valuable methodologies I also used for my job (as the Getting Things Done (GTD) system!).

So, I’m always on watch for systems that make my life more easier and especially for systems that can implemented easily, effortlessly and integrated in your normal workflow.

Bullet Journal (Paper-Based Productivity System)

One of such systems, I became aware of, lately, is the Bullet Journal. Bullet Journal is a paper based productivity system can easily be implemented in every notebook (even though the author proposed the Moleskine series of notebooks!)

The Bullet Journal have been developed by Ryder Carroll who provides detailed steps for its implementation in a notebook.

If you like the paper-based productivity or if want to use pen and paper as main idea capture and task management, or if you use an effective system for notes-taking, Bullet Journal is a tool that definitely you should look at.

So, do you like analog systems for note-taking? Do you use notebooks in your everyday workflow? And if yes, how you use the analog or paper-based productivity tools you have select?

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    • Thank you for sharing about the Bullet Journal. It sounds looks like a fantastic tool!

      • It is very useful Dan. It needs a little bit, initial, time investment, but after that (as with all the things you invest on), I think, that it pays off, a big time!

        Thank you for your wonderful comments, Dan.