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Do you want to achieve your personal and professional goals with less friction, greater focus and desired results? Do you like to win in business and life having a proven, coherent, and easy to employ framework for design, organise, decide, and get the outcomes you envisioned? Do you want to learn proven strategies, reliable technology tools, and verified ideas to live and work on your own pace?

If your answer to these questions is YES, you are in the right place!

Hello, I am Takis Athanassiou. I teach people to leverage their skills and knowledge using proven models, tools and systems to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Welcome to my award-winning blog! I am a business consultant, author, and trainer and this is the place I share strategies and ideas about leadership, marketing, productivity, small business, and personal growth.

My goal is to help you win in business and life by getting or developing the assets and resources you need to achieve your objectives based on your character, your personality, and your values.

For the last few years I help and support entrepreneurs, business owners, and freelancers as a “remote consultant” and coach using available technology and widespread tools to help them become more effective and grow themselves, their business, and their audience.

As a consultant I am in the business of keeping learning new things and trying to implement them in different business cases.  It is not always easy, but many times is effective and brings a huge impact on various sectors.

What I learn I try to share with you to help you develop new skills and knowledge, start or grow your business, reach a bigger audience and make a difference today!


What Does Personal Productivity Mean To You?

My Book Towards Personal Productivity is now available for immediate download from various eBook Shops! This practical guide is a personal productivity strategy book that will help you to focus on the important things and do what’s matters most.

The book focuses on the 3 main areas you need to address (and master) in order to become more productive.

Namely the productivity concepts, the approaches, the systems, and the tools you can employ to become more effective.

You can find more information about the book, the subjects it covers, and how to use it to become more efficient, here.

Get it now and start making a difference in life and business!

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Develop Your Path 3D

Develop Your Path

Leadership is not just the ability to lead. It is also the capability of having a doable vision, of achieving goals and of owning your life and your actions. Get here your personal free guide to determine your vision and achieve your goals in life and business.

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The Huge Impact Of Everyday Rituals 3D

Everyday Rituals

Every day you wake up,  say hello to your family and prepare yourself for the day. This small book will teach you how to achieve your goals via planning, personal growth and good habits that may change the way you live and do things.

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eLearning As A Business - Free e-Learning Book

e-Learning As A Business

Today you can make success by capitalizing your knowledge and skills in your niche market and helping people reach their true potential! This small report gives you the ideas and insights to help you develop your business in the e-Learning area.

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