Video content is one of the most valuable assets in the marketing mix of a company. It represents almost half of the internet traffic these days and is continuing to grow at a very fast pace.

But the problem with videos is they will not have many viewers if they are not informative and engaging. Getting people to sit through a video can be challenging, considering you need to present valuable information within a very short video.

Your video should be perfect on parameters like content, production quality, presentation, style, and information it offers. In other words, it must be truly remarkable for maintaining the audiences’ attention.

But through the noise by employing these 15 tips that can instantly improve the quality of your marketing videos:

1. Be Original

Choose a creative and original concept for your video. Copying the idea of your competitor is an easy route, and it will not bring you any benefit. Instead, try conducting keyword and persona research; find out successful and popular video types in the industry, and double-check everything.

Make sure some other brand has not covered the same angle you are using in its video marketing campaign.

2. Write a Script

A lot of planning goes into making a top-quality marketing video. And a successful plan starts with the right script. Identify your objectives behind making the video and the audiences it is for.

Also, work on the key takeaways of the video and the call to action. This will help you structure the outline of your video so you can easily create a script without putting in a lot of time.

3. Plan Everything

Make sure your script is as concise as possible. Once you are done with the script, it is time for you to draw out a storyboard and make a list of shots before starting with the filming. Plan the B-Roll shots accurately so you will have extra footage for editing.

Plan out all your shots so that the video editing process gets easier for you and does not take much time.

4. Focus on Light

The lighting of your video is very important. It can either make or break the aesthetics of your content. You cannot afford to damage your visual content to breaking point by poor location choices, use of patterned clothing, and ugly fluorescents.

Of course, you can fix lighting problems during the editing procedure but aim to start with top-quality footage for the greatest quality. Fill in the dark spots of your video with controlled and well-placed video lighting.

5. Stabilize Footage

Shaky and blur shots will make your video appear unprofessional and unpolished. At the same time, the viewers will also feel nauseous to go through such videos. Investing in a good-quality tripod is all you need to stabilize footage.

Also, always set your shooting device on a sturdy surface if there are just a few frames you need in your video.

6. Choose the Subject of Your Video Wisely

Choose actors with good experience for your video assignment. Set the highest standards when choosing the subject of your video. Select individuals with the ability to deliver dialogues naturally.

Also, make sure the subject for your video can easily memorize lines and is not stiff in front of the camera. Work out all giggles and mispronunciations by planning time for run-throughs.

7. Use a Minimalistic and Clean Background

The background of your video can distract the viewers easily. Therefore, be very careful when choosing it. The best is to go for a solid-colored background. This will make your shots appear more professional.

Keep a close watch on the clothing of the subject. Ensure choosing a background that does not blend in with the subject. Also, make sure the subject is a foot away from the background, as this will help in avoiding casting shadows.

8. Consider the Set Carefully

There’s no use fooling the audience by dressing up your office only to show it in some other location. Remember, the audiences pay close attention to every detail of a video.

Therefore, you must choose original sets or locations other than just your office. Go for interesting and textured backdrops but make sure they are not too busy.

9. Go for Simple Editing

A good rule of thumb here is not overdoing the effects and transitions. Overdoing them will make your video distracting and dull. Just a few simple cross-fades for transitioning the shots are fine.

Remove all background noise and make sure everything you choose perfectly suits the scenes.

10. Invest in Good Quality Editing Tool

A good quality video trimmer will make post-production easier and enhance the quality of your video. It is very easy to bring together all clips; trim the videos; add captions; modify color saturation. Choose a video editor offering readymade templates that will make it easier for you to create marketing videos from scratch.

Get a quality video trimming tool with a media stock library of music, effects, videos, and images that you can easily incorporate into your videos.

11. Avoid Spotlighting

This involves the subject placement in your video. Avoid placing the subject in direct lighting or a bright pool of light, as it can significantly impact your video’s contrast and brightness settings. Instead, use a lot of reflectors, diffusers, and other attributes to offer even lighting to your video.

12. Maintain Camera Focus

When the camera is in perfect focus, lock the exposure, and thus it remains in focus throughout. Maintain the white balance of the shots to keep the lighting even and neutral.

13. Shoot Several Clips

If you want to be comfortable in the video editing stage, make sure you have several film clips. This way, you will have the perfect safety net that can help you complete the video even if something is wrong with the main take.

14. You Cannot Fix Everything in the Post-Production Stage

This is a wrong assumption. It is impossible to fix everything in the post-production stage. With different video-making and editing tools, you can easily make significant changes in your video, but you cannot change the entire video.

15. Optimize Video for Marketing Platform

Consider the platform where you will be marketing your video and optimize it accordingly. Remember, the different social media platforms have varied specifications. So, you must ensure formatting your videos as per the specifications of these platforms.

The Bottom Line

Marketing videos are in this season, and they are bringing in huge profits to their users as well. If you have plans of creating one for your business, keep the above pointers in mind and move forward accordingly.