A 2014 vector? A vector in mathematics, physics, and engineering, is a “geometric quantity having a magnitude (or length) and direction” (From Wikipedia: Euclidean vector). As a new year! Which has a forward, hopefully[!], direction (the one you have set it or planning to be, based on your dreams, passions, plans, objectives, values, principles, etc) and a magnitude (all the little or large things, the to do(s), the activities, the agendas, the must and may be(s) you should [would, will] like to do!).

2014 Vector

It is always difficult to sketch and browsing your steps for the future. You can write only about intentions and plans. Rarely, though, a strategy consists of just one or two plans that automatically would bring you to the desired result. Usually, we have plans within plans, gears within gears moving and rolling, hopefully, towards the same vector and (if you are an artist in the craftsmanship of planning) always in sync!

A strategy, though, is not, just, or at least only, a manifestation of intentions. Is a clear-cut drawing of the future steps to be followed by the agent(s) take the decision; i.e, by you? And if you are serious enough about the decisions you take and commit in[!], then this selection has a value, not only for you, you have conceived it and act upon it, but for many others as well.

2014 brings a new load of things to be attended, of course! Activities and tasks to be fitted and integrated within projects, plans, activities, calendars, to-do list, etc., along with the ones already existed in your personal task-strategy space!

All that is legit. But 2014 have its own demands and its own merits to be attended, beyond your own intentions (most of the times!). And that vector (the 2014 vector) brings along a cluster of small things and details need to be viewed from a distance, in their right proportions, to be abstracted, reduced in their main components of attention and integrated smoothly and seamless in the main strategy of your life.

This is the 2014 Vector’s task you have to attend to. It dictates you do not involve yourself with the unimportant and focus on what is important, for you (for now and the future); it demands to:

  • filter the important things you should further within 2014 (and beyond!) and set them as basic priorities for this year,
  • dedicate the appropriate resources (find, develop, invest in acquiring and get the required resources) for achieving your objectives and goals,
  • further your steps towards your objectives, step-by-step with every decision, task, and an activity you employ.

Have a nice and smooth movement of your 2014 vector!