Can I ask you a favor? I need your input to transform the content of this blog to the best possible tool for getting things done, make what matters and achieving your goals! This is what the 2016 Readers Survey aims to do.

2016 Readers Survey

It’s this time of the year again! It is the time of 2016 Readers Survey for my readers! As you would know, I want you to help me to build better content, more useful approaches, and actionable ideas to share with you! I’d like you to support me in building a blog that would effectively meet your requirements and provide you with tools which would help you in your everyday life!

This is what my 2016 Readers Survey do. It is a readers survey related to the content of my blog and on what my readers would like to read. This survey is a continuation of the corresponding survey I launched in 2013, 2014 & 2015 and the results provide me with insights to help improve the things you indicate that you don’t like and add things that are really important to you!

Your opinion matters! The 2016 readers survey is easy to fill it in and it is completely anonymous. You can finish it up in the next 5 minutes and that would make a lot of difference for me (and for you).

Yep, I’d like to help you. Take me to the survey!

Thank you, in advance, for your participation. I would be much obliged if you could share this survey at your social media networks or forward it, by email, to at least 3 of your friends you think that might interested in the content of this blog or for participating in Leadership Initiative community (you can use the buttons on this page – below the sub-heading – for this. It is super easy. Just select your network or action and … click)!

You can leave your comments or your questions, by clicking here.