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Launching an e-commerce business can be a very exciting time. You’ve chosen the perfect e-commerce solution to build your site on, you’ve developed a great product range and a strong brand, and you are ready to start delighting your customers. Now it is time for your marketing to kick in and start bringing people to your site. Of course, marketing can end up being one of the biggest expenses you have in terms of ramping up to having good traffic and a good customer base that can make your business a success, and so you want to get as much growth as possible out of your efforts.

3 Growth Hacking Ideas for Ecommerce Sites

You may well have heard of growth hacking as a concept – it is all about finding shortcuts to growing your customer base and your business.

Growth hacking is not something that offers one size fits all solutions that will magically grow any business, but there are some ideas from growth hackers that can help to different degrees with most new e-commerce ventures. Like the declaration of conformity templates!

Here are 3 growth hacking ideas you might want to try:

Email Drip

It is a well-known fact in sales that it is easier to sell new products to existing customers than to win new customers. This means that promoting to people who have already bought from you is a very important thing.

A popular method is to use the email addresses of customers who have purchased to send a consistent set of emails that not only give them a sense of great customer service but also promote your brand and other products.

This can be easy to automate, so all you need is to decide on messages, frequency, and whether you also want to tailor messages based on what people bought or other things.

Make sure your emails are not too frequent, as this looks spammy, and make sure that only about one in four is directly promotional (asking them to check out a new product, or offering a discount for instance). Others should be useful and informative or simply customer service themed emails.


Lightboxes are those messages that pop up when someone looks like they are about to close the window they are viewing your site in and navigate away.

Used badly they can be annoying, but they can also present a great opportunity to alert people about a great offer, or give them an incentive to join your email mailing list (like a discount or free digital gift).


People have always looked for social approval and justification when it comes to the choices they make, and now we do everything online, this is even easier to use to your advantage.

Make sure your site has plenty of good testimonials and ‘thank you’ messages from your happy customers wherever there is some space.

These allow you to use positive feedback as a means of increasing your customer base by reassuring new visitors that your business is getting a favorable response from other consumers.

These are just three ideas from growth hacking that can be easily applied and implemented on an e-commerce site!

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