We are always in demand for productivity tips that make our life easier. Productivity is a much elusive and much-required feature, by anyone, wants to do better and more effectively, today. Under the present living and working conditions, time, seems, never to be enough. This is the reason you need to have some “aces up your sleeve” to cope better with the pressing demands of our life! 3 Productivity Tips To Make Your Day

How To Use The Productivity Tips!

Productivity tips are not, just, shortcuts! It is not something you use sporadically and expect to have good results. They should be used within (or in conjunction with) a well-established framework of an organization system, an existing workflow or a personal system. You should select and employ these systems, based on clearly defined ideas of accountability, limitations, boundaries time, and time management. In order a productivity tip you use to help you to do more effectively, efficiently and in less time your tasks, activities, projects, chores, etc. need to be first:

  • Selected based on your personal traits and workflow,
  • Consciously adopted,
  • Embedded in your daily habits, rituals, and customs,
  • Cultivated continuously, and
  • Used on an almost, daily basis.

You should not expect something to be efficient before it became a habit!

3 Productivity Tips To Make Your Day

3 such useful productivity tips and “habits” for the modern man/woman can be:

  1. The MIT (Most Important Task). The concept of the Most Important task is actually simple: the MIT is the one task you should absolutely need to be done for the day. It may be the paying of a bill, a mail you have to send, a phone call, something you have to write, or anything else. How this it is work? Simple! From your task list (if you use a productivity system, you should have a list or a calendar with tasks/activities should be done in the day!) you select the one task you need to do, in order to have results for the day (according to your goals, objectives, etc). The MIT you select should be in alignment with your core values and goals and its completion would bring tangible personal and professional results for the person selecting it for implementation! Pretty simple, isn’t it?
  2. The Time Blocking. Time Blocking is a productivity technique, that allows you to maximize your focus on a task and eliminate distractions. It includes the scheduling of specific time slots for the implementation of a task (i.e. I make an appointment in my calendar for a 2 hours time block for writing a post or a report, or an article, a 3 hours block for preparing a marketing report for a client, etc). A very important and very useful specialization of this technique is the scheduling of an appointment with yourself. This makes you focus on and do the critical tasks you should do eliminating the external distractions (like budgeting, strategy drafting, personal crucial tasks, etc). For more information on the subject, you can check the article “How to Time Block” and this video, by Chris Brogan
  3. Batch processing of tasks. Another very useful productivity tip, I use often, is the task batching. Batch processing is a variation of Time Blocking principle but a very specialized one! It included the time scheduling for the accomplishment of specific and similar tasks! For instance, you can set a time block of 5 hours to do all the writing of your blog posts, or a 2-hour time block for social media or e-mail, etc. You can set time zones for the implementation of specific and repetitive tasks (i.e. half an hour at the morning for checking my e-mail or check social media, half an hour for exercise, etc). If you organize your life as that, you can schedule all your tasks/activities, around such productivity principles!