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Productivity is the most crucial factor that determines the performance and capability of an employee. Every boss wants to hire people who are always passionate and willing to produce astounding results through their non-stop hard work and immense dedication.

How These 5 Habits Are Affecting Your Productivity Badly

But unfortunately, a human mind can’t work like a robot. It needs sufficient amount of rest to regain its momentum. Whether you are an executive level employee or holding a senior most position, I know you are always willing to earn the reward of promotion every year.

To be honest, it is only possible if you are taking care of your daily work schedule. Trust me working days and nights without thinking about health is simply not a legit way to accomplish dreams.

Instead, you need to analyze yourself critically. Scrutinize your strengths and weaknesses and find out the habits that are really stopping you from producing more at work.

But wait… I am making it a lot easier for you now. ☺

After thorough research, I have jotted down some slapdash habits that are surely killing your productivity. Not just you, there are hundreds of working-class people including me perform these habits on a regular basis.

And, that’s what I am talking about…

1) Too Much Planning

It is always good to be a futuristic person, but too much planning assures nothing. When working at the office, you need to create short-term plans and implement them effectively to drive results.

This way you will be able to achieve self-satisfaction which always leads to positivity. To really make it happen, I would advise you to create a to-do-list every day before going to sleep. Highlight your day-to-day goals in that list and give your best shot to accomplish them.

I strongly believe that you will feel a lot better.

2) Doing More than One Task at a Time

Pushing yourself too hard for better productivity is not a smart choice. I have seen a lot of people who prefer multitasking because according to them it really saves a considerable amount of time.

But on a serious note, multitasking reduces productivity and creativity. And, these two factors play a great role to achieve success in every walk of life.

If multitasking is your habit, then make sure to stop it as soon as possible. Things like producing emails during a conference and texting with a friend while conducting seminar surely affect the overall progress.

Remember, you are not a robot and you just can’t be. So, in order to maintain the quality of work, perform one task at a time.

3) Avoiding Proper Sleep

If you want to win the best employee of the year award, then give equal priority to your sleep. For hardworking people, it is essential to take at least 6-7 hours of sleep at night to maintain high productivity throughout a day.

I don’t know why the majority of enthusiastic employees and entrepreneurs sacrifice sleep to work even better. Honestly, it is not a positive sign as far as the productivity is concerned.

This habit lowers the consumption power of the brain and makes it less effective to attempt tasks. It clearly means that you must get serious about your sleep to stay fresh and energetic at work.

4) Eating Junk Food to Save Time

Office canteen usually offers junk food because it is easy to cook. For working people, this type of meal doesn’t consume a lot of time and a great choice to feed the hunger.

Believe me or not, but excessive junk food eating can be the biggest reason for severe health issues. If you will keep on following the same diet plan, you will definitely notice a sudden increase in your weight that will ultimately lead to obesity.

Is this what you really want with your health?

I am sure you don’t. It is due to the reason avoid the junk food and add more fresh vegetables and meals to your daily diet plan.

5) Using Smartphone Quite Often

There is no doubt that smartphones are extremely essential for so many reasons. But, if you want to eradicate distraction from your workplace completely, then make sure to keep your phone away from your reach.

Sometimes, we get so much involved in our phones which eventually become the reason for unnecessary mistakes within the assigned task.

It is a fact that boss and upper management always wants to see its staff in a busy mode. Somehow, if you get caught up using a phone for a couple of times, you will give the management a reason to raise fingers on you.

So, be careful and try to keep yourself far away from a phone. If not possible, then, at least, turn it off during working hours.

Concluding Thoughts:

I am sure that you will stop yourself from repeating the aforementioned habits for better productivity at work. If you don’t, you will feel a prominent pause in your professional growth.

Question: What habits do you use to become more productive? What mean you use to achieve your goals? You can leave a comment by clicking here.