Cindy Bates is as a new freelance writer and editor. She is focused in educational sphere and, today, shares her ideas about the “Top 7 eLearning Resources You’d Try“. Please check it and find how you can utilize these resources, better!

In a working world where the demand of knowledge and expertise is highly sought, we ought to equip ourselves with the right set of tools in order to continue surviving. We understand this better than anyone else. ‘If you don’t have what it takes, then go home—is the message being driven into their heads every day, every time. The challenge is being able to keep up with and be on top of our game.

Top 7 eLearning Resources You'd Try

Degrees no longer have as much value as they used to. I mean, yes they get your foot in the door but it takes a whole lot of other things to get you inside and keep you there.

E-learning has now become an invaluable source of furthering education. E-learning resources offer both short and long courses at a price or sometimes for free. You can do the course on your own and in a language, you’re comfortable with. And you get a certificate at the end of it.


The courses they offer are complete and up-to-date. They leave no stone left unturned. They are committed to ensuring that you are satisfied. To ascertain their guarantee of satisfaction, they offer a full refund to those who don’t find the course as satisfactory as they had expected. E-learning focuses on offering demand skills such as Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2012, which you can take at your own pace. It is ideal for beginners into the world of IT and software development.


Udemy offers a variety of courses across different disciplines. For example, in the field of business, they offer courses in entrepreneurship, project management, human resources, finance and many other. They also free tutorials for beginners in various aspects of software development, for example, a complete java tutorial for beginners, how to become a fast, confident writer etc. Most courses are normally taken at a fee which ranges between $30 and $1000. If you really want to broaden your horizons then Udemy courses offer you exactly what you need.


Get the most out of a few cents. Educents is a place where you can get discounted school stuff. The items they sell are affordable and of good quality. They have sections ranging from toys to arts to Math. Whatever you need under the section pre-K then you can get it at educents at a reduced ‘cent’.


Scirp stands for Scientific Research Publishing. It is an open-access website with electronic journals, conference proceedings, and scientific anthologies. It allows you access to a variety of disciplines including but not limited to psychology and engineering.


The course provides are holders of MA and Ph.D. in a number of spheres. They have acquired a wealth of experience and years of training. They provide as well as teach individuals how to write custom essays, application papers, book reports, course work, research and dissertation papers. They provide writing that is fully referenced, properly formatted and thoroughly researched. Their students have turned out to be very good writers and excel in their respective fields.

BBC Learning

Here you can find an array of courses that range from science to languages. The thing I really love about BBC learning is that their courses are engaging and very informative. You can take the course in any language you prefer. And if you want, you can take an exam at the end of the course.


They offer a wide spectrum of IT related courses. Their course team is made up qualified and experienced instructors. They offer full-time support using a live chat platform. For those who are new to knowledge, they are encouraged to take a demo course for a trial period of 7 days. Most courses have a live instructor which allows the student to engage with the tutor in real time.

E-learning offers numerous benefits to an individual who cannot seem to find the time to enroll and get their MBA or a simple diploma in commerce. It gives a second chance to those who never got an education before. Today, e-learning is more preferred for its convenience and inexpensive nature. And another good thing is you don’t have to worry about the stress of commuting.

Do you think, you can benefit from these resources, or not? What are the best and/or worst learning resources you’ve ever used? Please comment!