Nicolette Morrison is a blogger and freelance writer for A passionate traveler and book worm. Goal to work on her own book one day. Here, she shares her ideas about how to find blogging ideas! You can check her at her site, Nicolette On Writing!

Professional or not, it is an inevitable scenario to get feel stuck for a mere reason that you don’t have any blogging ideas at all. For any writers, it is a frustrating and definitely one of the big problem to deal with. No matter how you try to tell yourself that writing is fun and easy, but once you start doing it you will find yourself feeling lost.


In the field of blogging, there are some things that you cannot grasp on your own. But, it also doesn’t mean that you have to give up since you are having some difficulty in coming up with a good idea for a blog.

There are times that you don’t have to overthink cause it might just worsen the situation and you just waste your time thinking all throughout the day.

So here are some ways on how to find blogging ideas even while you are in front of the computer or just walking around.

  1. Look Through Different Social Media Sites – it is not a secret at all the social media is considered to be one of the effective ways to get an idea. Almost every second of the day user tried to tweet or post anything under the sun and it is impossible not to get interested in it. From other’s people post or an event, a blogger can get an idea of what to write.
  2. Search Google Alerts – this is one of the effective sites that every blogger or writer should try check. It is inevitable to encounter writer’s block along the way. Through the new contents that Google Alerts feature and send it to a user’s email, pitching an idea will not be a problem at all.
  3. Check the Bottlenose – this site does provide live social media intelligence that will make every bloggers or writer convenient in choosing an idea. It analyzes the activity that happens in almost all the major social media sites. Along with this, users can also enjoy the “surf the stream” as well as discover the trending topics in social media live.
  4. Get Ideas From Others Blog – when you feel the hype to be unique, aside from checking some common site that you frequently visit. Why not try to read others blog, they might get your attention not just by the way they write but also with the topic that they use. In this way, you gain an idea not just for a topic but on how to write a topic that you want the most to work on. At some point, you could least expect that through other people’s blog you tend to discover the kind of topic that you want the most to work on.
  5. Join A Forum – much might think that joining a forum is a bad idea. Well, joining a forum and meeting people online is one of the things that should have done, when you feel that you are already losing ideas. Joining in any kind of forum that most likely will catch your interest can gain you not just an idea to use for writing but also, get to a chance to meet new people that might have the same interest like you.
  6. Ask A Friend – you will never go wrong when asking for advice to your friend. Lucky enough if you have a friend that is really creative and you can expect to have loads of ideas to choose from. It can also be possible that both of you can be busy brainstorming in order to get into that specific idea that you want the most to work on. Plus, you won’t feel any pressure on your part as you enjoy the company of each other.
  7. Participate In Any Events – participating in writing workshops, seminars and other training can be an effective way to gain some blogging ideas. The good thing about it is that you are learning the whole process when it comes to writing, to be specific when it comes to blogging. It is will also be a great way to try to learn new things and also people that will guide you in not just in discovering great ideas but also with how to improve and excel in writing.

Question: How do you find blogging ideas?