Be the best of what you would be! This is your gift and your mandate. A gift is always a gift and a gift is always welcome! This is my gift to you for 2015. I hope you would like it!

A Gift For 2015

If you would have a wish for the new year, what that would be? Would you like to be richer? Would you like to be happier? Would you like to be more successful? Would you like to be healthier? Whatever you wish would be, this is the time to achieve it!

And my gift to you is that you can actually do it! Whatever you wish for. Yes, it is true! You can do anything and everything you wish for, by simply accepting you have to potential, the capabilities and the skills to do it (or, at least,  you should accept that you can develop the resources, skills, and assets needed for achieving your goals)! It is a matter of decision on whether or not you are going to pursue your goals!

If you decide though, to go after fulfilling your dreams, you should keep in mind these 4 small thoughts:

  • You are responsible for the most part of things and situations you had, have and will experience (either the goods or the bad ones). Off course there are things, you are not responsible for (mainly health issues, family issues, things depends on the actions of other people. etc.) but, if you considered you, you would find the best strategy to always act as if you were the owner of each and every situation. Only thus you would be the designer of your life!
  • Maybe you are not responsible and accountable for everything happens around you, but you are certainly responsible for your reactions toward a specific situation! You remember the last time you get angry with one of your friends when he/she called you while you were at a meeting or you have a “pressing” engagement! Your reaction (you get angry thing) may have caused problems in a friendship of years! Just because of the hit of the moment! Just because you didn’t think it as important. Wouldn’t you like to have behaved differently? Well, I bet that you catch my drift! The same principle applies to everything!
  • Evaluate closely your strength and weaknesses and protect your personal boundaries!
  • Always pay close attention to the things matters for you the most. Get your priorities straight and always make sure that you can serve them in the best possible way!

But still, this is a gift! It is not something you choose. It is something that I have select to give you for the new year. It is a gift. You like it or not, you have it now.

It is like the old story with the Wizard’s apprentice. He was told how to build gold using everyday common things, but he warned that during the process he should never think of how to make gold! Of course, he failed! When he asked his master: “Why you told me what not to think? If you weren’t told me, I was never going to think of it and the process would have succeeded“! The master reply: “yes but you have had warned“!

Everyone can make a difference. But it needs commitment, passion, and dedication. And intention and focus, and … a million more small infinitesimal things that make something and someone great!

Are you the one who wants to be great. Happier, successful, healthier! It is a new year thing! It is a new life’s resolution. It is something!

You can think of it a little more! And decide. And do!