Do you, ever, find yourself, at the urgency, of doing more! I mean, you have to do a job, a task, an assignment, OK! You did it, and it is OK! But seems not enough! For you. It seems as if it needs something more to be completed! Do you know the feeling?

A Little Bit More!

The Extra Mile

There are times in our lives when things we do, does not seem enough! It is something incomplete, beckons more attention, even if we do not want to see it!

Incomplete things, always challenge our mind. You need to do something more, to read the continuation, to find out what’s next, in order for you to be OK!

This is the reason some activities seem to you a little bit odd! It is almost as the Zeigarnik Effect is at present. At all incomplete situations (something, modern marketing exploits heavily).

This is why the things have not yet completed, compels you to of much more for their completion.


What’s good at something incomplete? And how this is related to provide something “more” in certain situations! It is been said that “Nature abhors a vacuum.”, or if you prefer it, in other words, the famous Latin of “Horror vacui“.

As nature, the human mind also dislikes incomplete (empty) things. The human mind is a pattern matching and processing machine, able to bridge vastly remotely concepts, ideas, theories, etc into single, unified, comprehensive patterns (or new, innovative ideas!)

It is embedded deep down to the human nature, your tendency to try to find a meaning in your actions and activities, even, if sometimes, they seem without meaning or/and a purpose! In order for you to do that, sometimes, you provide, more at a face value! You give more, because this process gives value to your final result (output), to your “client” and, by reflection, to you too!

A Little Bit More!

The process is not simple, but it is well understood, by everyone. If you want more from your environment you should provide more! This should be done, in every interaction, in order every step to build upon a well-founded and solid foundation of your previous activities and decisions!

Why? Because:

  1. You do the unexpected! Everybody expects for you to do your work. No one is expecting something more. Why is this something good? Because you offer something more, to someone, without expecting anything! In our days, this might be something, though, and can create a lot of good results for many people!
  2. You provide more value for a given price! The extra effort, when free and willingly given, it is a measure of your character and quality and these attributes “injected” or find their way to the final output. This, in turn, is something it is much appreciated by the final recipient or the viewer of the final “product“.
  3. You make the other party obliged. Giving more may be understood as a trick or hack to oblige the other party. After all, we live within a shared of “favored” based economy. But, doing more does not have to do with the other. Primarily, is something of yourself. And it should be given without any return expected!
  4. You do a favor (and in a shared based economy this might be a great deal). You collect favors, you may cash in (maybe, but do not hold your breath!), in various situations!
  5. The activity of providing more provides you a very large number of alternatives. Basically, you develop more options for yourself, creating opportunities, otherwise unattainable!
  6. You’re doing more actions demonstrate your freedom of will and your position in the world. It is a personal statement and sign of your character! Doing and demonstrating something in accordance with your words is always a sure sign for a person of character and good behavior!
  7. It provides you with more options and opportunities. When you reach out, without expecting something and providing more value to your connections, friends, outputs, products, artifacts, etc. it is shown! And usually (but not always) brings back multiplied positive results to your personal and professional life!

Question: Are you doing more? There is a little bit more to do?