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Amidst this era of modernization, the hassle of making your brand prominent amongst users is what makes companies around the globe go berserk. However, with the advent of modernization and technology, numerous solutions have been found to decipher this problem. One such method widespread nowadays is SEO (search engine optimization).

Ace your SEO Job With These Skills

Essentially a marketing technique, SEO stands as a blend of tactics and strategies used to increase your website’s online conversations. Obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of any search engine is quite indispensable to achieve the same.

A multitude of global organizations has started hiring professionals as ‘SEO Specialists’ to cater to the online marketing needs and make the web traffic creep up in numbers. Hence, mentioned below are 7 skills required to come up as a master in this field. Glance these carefully and you’ll surely be the next ‘Magic Marketer’ in your organization.

  1. Impeccable Analytical Reflexes. This might not come across as a technical trait, but it’s a major pre-requisite nevertheless. You can learn to write lines of codes and be fairly efficient at it. But at the end of the day, it’s not only about the tech talk and syntax error, it’s all about how swiftly you solve problems. There might be a zillion thing like mapping necessary information, interpreting patterns and having a knack to nip problems in the bud. All these can be catered to with ideas that originate due to honed analytical skills.
  2. Prowess in HTML Coding. SEO has grown to be a beast today, which is not just about mapping keywords and placing links but ensuring quality content for the users as well. Of course, building sought after websites remains the primary objective, but content curation and its management in tune with the surroundings are equally significant. However, your content also needs to be discoverable to get presented to your targeted audience. This is where your know-how of HTML coding comes into play. You need to understand codes and syntax to vouch for the fact that your website is truly marketable. is a recommended site to learn and practice your HTML skills.
  3. Knowledge of Information Architecture. Just as you need to make your website content more accessible to people with efficient HTML coding, making it functional is also your job. Remember that making the information easy to consume for the visitors would only fetch you the results you desire. The objects (text, images, action buttons etc.) should be well-organized to navigate with high efficacy. The visitors also include various search engine spiders or bots that evaluate and rank a website. So, keep it clean and simple to make it browsable and free of unnecessary clutter.
  4. The Basic Know-How of Excel. Once you start treating SEO as a long-term endeavor, there’ll be heaps of data to be analyzed. A lot of useful tools exist that serve the same purpose, MS Excel being the foremost one. Hence, a working knowledge of Excel with the technical know-how regarding search functions pivot tables, graphic objects, lookup functions and logical tools might take you a long way in this field. However, there are some specific Excel functions every SEO professional should be well-acquainted with.
  5. Social Media Marketing Skills. There’s hardly a day that passes by without you checking your Facebook status. However, social media shouldn’t only limit you to updating last night party’s photos on Facebook and Twitter, but actually driving a considerable amount of traffic from these websites. There are various exercises one can practice to create efficient follower acquisition strategies, build a fan base on these websites and optimize YouTube videos. It goes without saying that the modern day SEO needs to entice clients by having synergies with various social media platforms.
  6. Efficacious Content Marketing. Evading challenges solely on the basis of your technical skills is no longer possible in the SEO arena. You need to hone your writing skills and come up with enticing content to become a prominent SEO practitioner. Whether you’re writing a blog or a few words tweet, well-written content can only create the buzz you’re looking forward to. In addition to this, designing infographics is equally necessary. A content piece rich in graphics and built with ample information seems to leave a long lasting effect on visitors. So, it’s high time for you to come up with some visually stimulating content and see the traffic shoot up with speed.

Yes, there’s immense you can do in terms of SEO without these skills. But there are things you can achieve beyond imagination with these. So, without further ado, start working on the skills mentioned above. It’ll surely pay off. All you need is some persistence and optimism by your side.