My readers should know, by now, that I’m a big fun of automation and of all the processes, tools and approaches that can reduce your time spend on a task and enhance your productivity. But automation itself, goes beyond the limits of personal productivity and has real effects in business and society. The following infographic, developed by the team at Dolphin, and presents exactly that! Very interesting presentation and data!

How Automation Is Improving Busienss Performances And Overall Society

“Automation carries many benefits. It has to, in order to justify a greater good in giving jobs to machines that were once done by humans. This being said, perhaps the most surprising greater good is that automation actually might be creating more American jobs by giving manufacturers incentive to return to the United States.

The following infographic highlights the benefits for manufacturers in choosing automation.

As the infographic notes, the rate of return that businesses got when invested in automation was pronounced. In total, the rate of return was 13.5 percent with it breaking down by sector to: mining, utilities and construction, 9.5 percent; manufacturing, 15.2 percent; trade, 12 percent; high-tech, 14.8 percent; and other industries, 15.2 percent.

How does this come about? Automation enables a number of different things for businesses. It allows tasks to be executed more efficiently and in higher volume. It also cuts out human error and fixes labor costs, particularly since machines never need to be paid time-and-a-half for overtime hours.”

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