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Business is full of risks. A good entrepreneur should know how to deal with them and how to benefit from them. He also should know the background of his business, be able to analyze success and failure cases and learn from his own mistakes. He should even know how to write posts for product blog! Of course, this understanding comes with experience. However, for achieving a success a good entrepreneur should possess certain qualities and traits of character. Without these traits, it is difficult to build a business and run it successfully.

10 Characteristics of the Best Entrepreneurs

We have analyzed qualities of successful entrepreneurs and defined top 10 traits that really help in running a business. They are not innate, and it means that you can develop these characteristics if you do not possess them now.

1. Motivation and clearly determined goals

The basic set of characteristics to become an effective entrepreneur includes the ability to set clear and determined goals and stay motivated with reaching them. Mostly, people fail even with the first point. They want success, but they do not understand what exactly they should do to reach it.

That is why the main goal should be divided into several smaller goals. Completing these small goals, you come closer to reaching the desired result. Moreover, when you settle small goals, you determine the progress in achieving your main aim.

Setting goals has multiple benefits, but one of the most important is that it helps stay you motivated. When you see a real progress, you understand that you are moving forward and sooner or later will get what you want.

2. Take proper risks

Risks are an integral part of any business. Willingly or unwillingly, any entrepreneur takes risks. However, a professional always knows what risks can bring profits, and what risks will lead to failure. Moreover, a good entrepreneur understands how to choose the least of two evils.

To reach a success, business-people should estimate how much income they can get from the risk, and also how much money they can lose. Besides, they need to have a plan how to fix problems that may appear if the risk leads to failure.

3. Self-confidence

Self-confidence simplifies a way to reaching goals. However, it should be supported by real achievements. If an entrepreneur does not believe in his abilities, cannot count on his team, and as a result cannot be sure in a positive result, he cannot become a pushing power for his business.

4. Flexibility

A passionate entrepreneur always strives to improve his ideas and make them more beneficial to a business. But sometimes passion becomes a real problem for achieving a success. Business-people may be too concentrated on a chosen strategy and do not take into account changes that affect the way they should run a business.

You should change your strategy if you notice that it is ineffective. You should also introduce some changes if you see that some aspects are working better than others. Modern market is dynamic: it develops rapidly and requires a quick reaction for all changes. If you miss these changes, you lose your revenue.

5. Understanding of a product

Not being interested in a product is perhaps the worst mistake. If you do not know the demands for your product, your clients’ necessities, requirements of a market for product promotion, you will never become successful. A good entrepreneur knows modern trends of advertising, follows competitors and studies neighboring markets for better product understanding.

6. Budget management

To run a successful business, you need to make profits. If your incomes do not fund the expenses you should consider changing your strategy. However, sometimes the expenses are caused by improper money management. A good entrepreneur knows that he needs to spread the budget wisely.

7. Creation of short-term and long-term plans

Plans are important for any business. They help set the strategy and choose the approach to the introduction of the business into the market. Without a plan, it is impossible to understand to what points concentrate the attention. Plans help prevent risks and allow coping with unforeseen problems.

You need to create a detailed step-by-step plan for your activities. Of course, it is better to think of short-term and long-term plans. Short-term plans will definitely undergo some changes. As we have mentioned in the Flexibility paragraph of this article, the market is permanently developing and you should introduce changes according to these changes.

8. Ability to work with limited resources

Anyone can run a successful business with the unlimited budget, a team of professionals and 20-year experience in the market. However, many entrepreneurs do not have these benefits. They do not have enough time, their team consists of several people, and they are short of money. Having only one attempt to launch a profitable startup, a businessman should wisely use all available resources and manage his time.

9. Accessibility

If you quit all messengers and turn off your phone at the end of a working day so no one can reach you, your business is determined to failure. A good entrepreneur should always be accessible both to clients and to colleagues. Moreover, sometimes you need to sacrifice your vacations and weekends to run your business successfully.

10. Investing in personal development

Running a business takes a lot of time and personal resources. You should be ready to sacrifice your free time and hobbies though you should never sacrifice your personal development. A successful entrepreneur finds at least 30 minutes a day to read professional literature, blogs on marketing, advertising and building a business, magazines, newspapers and social networks. Today, Facebook and Instagram are a part of an advertising campaign, so it is important to pay enough attention to their implementation. Besides, an entrepreneur should permanently grow a circle of contacts: visit various workshops, seminars, and perhaps even become a speaker to share his experience.

If you have at least a half of these qualities, you are on the right way. Keep working on the development of all these traits and over time you will possess all of them.