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It’s not every day that you’ll be at your peak, and that’s no cause for alarm, although you should be if you’re constantly not at your best. Not being at our peak means that we’re not able to deliver quality work or services and obviously that has some serious and costly consequences. At this point, we are often not at the best state of mind and we probably end up making the wrong decisions.

Getting the Spark Back - Boost Your Productivity and Motivation

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Your level of productivity and motivation is in your hands, only you can turn things around when going through this rough patch.

Well, there are a couple of things you can do to get that spark back. Taking up writing is one way to go about it. Yes, you might wonder how this can work.

Most people find writing quite tasking and it would probably be the last thing they would think of to boost their productivity and motivation.

In this article, we are going to consider a number of ways writing can bring back the spark.

Identifying Your Goals For Enhanced Productivity and Motivation

Productivity and Motivation - Goals

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Goal setting forms the foundation for anyone striving to be more productive. Identifying what goals you are working towards achieving and writing them down is a crucial step.

Writing down your goals helps you maintain objectivity in your work. Realize that goal setting should be in all aspects of your life, that is, in your business, family, professional life and so on. When you have goals written down, you get constantly and clearly reminded of what you are working towards whenever you read them.

You’ll need to categorize your goals to either short or long-term. Attaining your goals is a motivator to venture further, and eventually making you more productive.

Whenever you achieve a certain goal, have a record so that you can be able to trace the steps you went through to get to where you are, when you’ll be looking back at the ‘archives’.

This is another way of getting motivation through writing.

Creating A Schedule

Productivity and Motivation - Schedule

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Time is a commodity that we don’t have the luxury of wasting. Writing down your schedule goes a long way in ensuring that you maximize the little time at your disposal.

So how does writing your schedule impact your productivity and motivation?

It’s simple. Having a written schedule saves you from procrastination, an enemy to your productivity as well as your inspiration.

Writing a schedule implies that each day as you wake up in the morning, you already know what you’ll be doing and at what time, leaving very little time for you to waste.

Writers acknowledge the value of mastering time management skills because it’s the only way they get to complete assignments on time, while at the same time ensuring that they are of high quality.

Not having a schedule leaves you vulnerable to delivering poor work since you probably had to do it last minute and rush over it!

Getting Yourself Prepared

Productivity and Motivation - Preparation

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Getting motivated and being productive don’t just happen by chance! You’ll need to ready yourself. Writing, despite being time-consuming and rather tiresome, is an excellent way to have ready for when an opportunity comes, and it also gives you exposure. You may be on a rough patch feeling like not doing anything at all, but then writing gives you an avenue to revive your spark. You can write down your thoughts which can be quite therapeutic. To top that, you get to rest your brain when you free it from all the thoughts you had by writing them down.

With a free mind, you are more productive and quite motivated to attain more in your endeavors. Persistent writing is a good way of keeping your life in order, always prepared for opportunities that may present themselves.

Becoming A Better Communicator

Productivity and Motivation - Communication

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Communication is at the center of humanity’s survival. Without communication, not much could be achieved.

Writing helps build our communication skills which in turn affect how we relate to others.

How well we can communicate our ideas, thoughts, and discomfort to those around us is crucial to our productivity.

If you have ever been in bad terms with those around you because of a miscommunication, then you are aware of how it negatively impacts your motivation and of course productivity.

In the quest to being productive, some of the things that you might have to do include writing a proposal to maybe get funding or partnerships and so on.

Therefore without the requisite communication skills, you may fail at this. Writing constantly is a good way to flex your communication skills and make them sharper the more you put them to use.

Improving Your Creativity


Productivity and Motivation - Creativity

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Writing has a way of bringing out the creativity in people. Just like any other work, writing requires imagination and organization of thoughts, in the process getting good exercise for the brain.

The best of ideas were developed thanks to creative minds. Don’t take your creativity for granted, it’s among the motivators in life that make you more productive.

Creativity is a skill that is developed, nobody is born with it. Make the effort to develop yours!

Avoid Unnecessary Distractions

Productivity and Motivation - Stop Distractions

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Writing has a way of keeping one so busy that they tend to maintain their focus at all times. Without writing to keep you in line, chances are that you’ll get distracted by meaningless things and activities. Distractions are bad for your motivation and productivity. Although technology has brought about so much good, it’s also a source for most of the distractions that we experience.

Writing will not only keep you busy but it will also keep you motivated, shielding you from distractions that could otherwise have derailed your productivity.


It’s not uncommon to hit a rough patch that lowers your productivity, what counts is how you can overcome the situation and get back the spark that you once had. Writing has been identified as one such way to reignite the spark to boost your productivity and motivation. Through writing your goals, you’ll be inspired to be more productive. Writing a schedule also keeps you on track. Writing skills build your communication and creativity skills, both of which are essential to you being more productive and keeps you motivated.