Characteristics of a Good Leader [Infographic]

What An Individual Should Have Before BecomaeA Leader

Leadership is at the core of every successful, and not so successful, organization around the world. Leadership starts from the top and trickles down to the last person hired at an organization. Everyone knows what leadership is and who may be a great leader, but if you had to define great leadership what would your response be?

Characteristics of a Good Leader

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The Characteristics Of A Good Leader – The Origins

This infographic, created by Norwich University, examines what truly defines a good leader – from their ability to communicate to their positive attitude. Are you a good leader? What can you do to be a more effective leader?  Whether you’re a manager or not, leadership skills are crucial.

They can help you to become more effective at work and become a better person outside of work.

The Characteristics Of A Good Leader – The Infographic

This infographic will not only education about what makes a great leader but also gives you a few tips on how you can improve your own leadership skills as well.

Characteristics of a Good Leader [Infographic]

Infographic – Characteristics of a Good Leader

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