Clarity in our intentions and communication is one of the most important assets in your toolbox. Sometimes, you have failed to convey the right message or intention towards others! It is a lack of communication, or simply your failure to realize what you really strive after?

Clarity Is A Must!

Clarity Is A Must!

Clarity is not only about to know what you have to say but also to include the why (motive/inspiration) and the whom (who is the owner of the task/activity and to whom this activity is directed!) in the equation.

For this reason, you need:

  • clear and measurable goals and results,
  • familiarization with the specifics, problems, and/or requirements of the other party,
  • knowledge and focus towards your audience,
  • the desire to provide solutions and value to the people you cooperate or communicate with,
  • realization of your intentions,
  • awareness of your limits and constraints along with your advantages,
  • a strategy of negotiating the specific details of the task/activity with the other involved parties, and, finally,
  • to know EXACTLY what you want from any (or the) given situation and how to gain it (within your personal value and belief system).

Clarity Is Difficult?

Is not always easy! Most people either involved in a situation involuntary or they think they lack the control over the situation (or at least on some elements of it!).

This, most of the times is an excuse!  Most of the times,  you have certain control over the things happen to you. What the most times you lack are the will to take the lead and to focus on your intentions.

You gain clarity, by getting deeper to yourself and on what you really want to do. Not by any magical way, but with concrete questions and answers related to you. Questions, only you can answer too! And be accountable for!

To know what you are, after all, is a must today, both in business, as in personal life.

Question: How do you get clarity in your life and business? What do you to get more clarity?