Do you know AIDA? I had the pleasure to introduced to AIDA several years ago (it must be more than 20 years now. Well, time do fly!) and it never disappoint me! It,  I said? It! Yes, is not wrong! Not wrong at all. Or the act of my crazy spell-checker! You see, AIDA is not she,  is it! AIDA is a powerful technique and an acronym used widely in marketing and advertising, to describe the ways a viewer or reader engaged to an advertisement or to an event!

Who AIDA Is?

AIDA is an acronym, stands for the four basic triggers you should achieve with your writings, ads, etc in order to elicit:

  • AAttention (Awareness): Aims at drawing the attention of the potential customer or reader to your cause, product/service, etc. It usually expressed as a very catchy headline or a very elaborate mixture of a well-shot picture, coupled with some powerful pitch!
  • IInterest: Aims at raising the interest of the reader towards your objectives, and direct him/her towards doing something! It is expressed usually with a very catchy and interest gathering lead paragraph, explaining the problem and offering a solution!
  • DDesire: Aims at persuade customers on the logic or the validity of your claims, to channel them to favor your offer and convince them that your solution is what they want. It practically aims at reassuring the sale, elicit the agreement, etc. of the other part, and diminish his/hers objection. Usually, in an advertisement, it is express by the logical argumentation of the offering, and the testimonial(s) of its usefulness.
  • AAction: Aims at make the viewers or reader to do something towards you objective, as purchasing something, do something else (as provide some feedback, fill in a survey, provide like in social media or provide their e-mail), etc.

What You Can Do With AIDA

You can use AIDA for writing more effectively and attract attention towards your products, goals, objectives, causes, or simple, toward a direction you think will help your readers.

Writing professionals can be benefited the most from such a model of writing!

A Sample Letter According AIDA

Let’s check a marketing letter or an e-mail, according to AIDA model. Its main 4 components (let’s say corresponding to 4 different paragraphs!!!) in a very simplified form, might be as follows:

Subject: [Attention] – Save 50% of your grocery shops!

Dear [NAME]

[Attention Paragraph] – Do you know that you can save more than 50% of your grocery shops! (would you stop reading a text like this?)

[Interest Paragraph] – Today there is never enough time for shopping and the grocery list becomes more and more expensive! What you can do about it. Usually, you select what you buy and remove a lot of the thing you think as not suitable or too much expensive in order to reduce your cost. Not anymore! Today there is an alternative solution!

[Desire Paragraph] – Do you think you can save time shopping? Do you want to cut the cost of your grocery list in half? Then there is a solution. A new service started to operate at …

[Action Paragraph] – You should check TODAY the new store at …

So, Do You Know AIDA?

AIDA is a powerful technique, polished for a long time to be effective!

AIDA is used in many cases when you want to raise the interest of a reader, customer, etc. It has been used successfully in marketing, blogging, e-learning, branding, advertising, platform building, business letters, sales, marketing letters and communication, e-mails, etc.

Take a look and check how you can use AIDA in your business!