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When your employees are more engaged and they perform better, your business excels. This is because employees who are engaged in what they are doing will invest more time into their jobs without being asked to do so. And they will take extra initiative and put forth extra effort in order to be able to contribute to your organization’s success.

5 Ways to Improve Employee Engagement and Performance

How can you improve employee engagement and performance? Keep reading for five tips.

1.  Be the Role Model

If you are asking your employees to behave and work a certain way, you need to also behave and work in the same manner. In other words, you need to lead others by example, rather than simply giving orders. When your staff sees you exemplifying the qualities that you seek from them, they will be motivated to act in the same way, thereby building a sense of community, and that will make them more engaged in how well your company does. Just remember that this also means that all of the managers throughout your company have to follow suit.

2. Conduct Employee Surveys

In order to really get to know how your employees feel about you and your business, including how they feel when they come to work every day, you can conduct some easy employee surveys. You can get a variety of these types of surveys from companies like Once you know how your employees feel, you can make changes wherever necessary throughout every department of your company in order to satisfy your employees’ needs and expectations better.

3. Allow Your Employees to Grow

Giving your employees room to grow within your company is yet another way to improve their performance and make them more engaged in whatever it is that they do for you. Make sure that every staff member is using his or her talents to the fullest, and that they are being encouraged to move up through the organization as they improve. This will also lead to greater employee retention and loyalty.

4. Give Rewards

Employees who work very hard want to be recognized for their efforts, so giving your employees rewards of various kinds can also help improve their engagement and performance. Consider hosting a special event once a year during which you recognize certain employees who have really excelled throughout the previous year. But also, give notes of thanks, recognize employees by praising them in front of their co-workers, and give other rewards, such as gift cards or bonuses.

5. Provide Flexibility

Rather than being too strict with your employees, provide them with some flexibility, such as the ability to work from home on certain days of the week or the chance to have a flexible schedule to take care of their families. Your employees will appreciate this as many employers don’t provide this type of flexibility.

These are just five of the many ways that you can improve employee engagement, performance, loyalty, and retention. Start implementing these tactics today to have a happier, more satisfied, excited staff.

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