What makes a good entrepreneur?” was the topic of the discussion! “Who is an entrepreneur“, it was my answer! I was in my mastermind group trying to invigorate the spirit of some of my associates. I was a “First among equals (Primus inter pares) in a specific group of people and the one, admittedly, with the lesser skills and abilities among the participants! I am the person who wants to know theropes and ties” (so to speak) about what’s happening! One of my habits in such gathering is to take something ordinary and make it an example (forging a connection!) about something else, with greater significance (according to my opinion).

Entrepreneurship is Not Business

I started in an age, where “computers” weren’t personal and they were wide as a building and tall as a 3-floor store! It was impressive, but I never paid too much attention to technology. I love it, but I use it in a very particular way! My main focus is people, and what they can do better with technology (or without it!) with the resources they can own or develop etc.

As a personal strategy, I try hard to be one step ahead from decay (one of my best, all times, favor quotes by the great Greek Poet, Odysseas Elytis). I still try to do it! And technology is a way (as leadership is, financial resources are, training is, coaching is, etc.)

I love technology! It is one of my best tools to do what I do! “What it might be that?” you might ask? I generally, try to bridge problems, to develop solutions and interchange the results and to disseminate what I have learned to my communities (friends, associates, clients, etc,). I provide things to people they do not have them, I train and coach them and try to make them talk; that is the only thing that it needs! Someone to talk to! About his/her problem and what he/she wants as a solution!

I also try to write stories, other people, pick them up and use them to make something with their life! And their business!

Most people think that business should be: “carpe dime” (take a dime instead of the famous Latin: carpe diem – seize the day)! And they would be wrong! This is NOT entrepreneurship!

You see, entrepreneurship is not about business. Is about finding a need, thinking about it, try to find what you would have done and came up with a solution, that (might) be of importance about many people! Is not about the money; or the technology; or, …! It is about creating what matters and, sometimes, to make a living out of it!

It is mostly about creativity and solutions (the fact that might you paid, or not, for, is simply irrelevant!).

You develop your business following (usually) a 6-fold procedure:

  1. Find out what is needed (or it is worked)
  2. Develop a solution for 1
  3. Make it known to the people, this solution may help them to do something in a better way
  4. Build a community around your solution
  5. Provide (i.e. give it, sell it, etc.) it!
  6. Enhance it in any way you can, listen to the people use it

It is not a business, it is the start-up of your business. Your business might be:

  • the cost of your service/product/etc.
  • a membership site around your solution(s) with special privileges
  • value added services on your solution
  • more training /resources/assets to use it effectively
  • the development of a community around issues affected by your solution
  • the packaging of your knowledge to a product
  • webinars/courses/training material, etc.

but these are only ways to exploit the original idea!

It is you and the original idea you should find! Make a trial run! You might astonish yourself!

Question: Are you an entrepreneur or a business person? What is your idea of making business? You can leave a comment by clicking here.