Digital Marketing For Dummies

Be Your Maverick
November 13, 2020

Digital marketing is any form of marketing can utilize the Internet and/or any other electronic device. And as many thing in the digital world is a buzz word cover more than revels today.

That’s why, from time to time, if the things does not have operated as they indented, you need to re-evaluate your goals and start afresh back on the drawing board. And obviously you need to lay down and get a fresh look on what digital marketing really is, and how you can use for your purposes.

This is the approach taken by this excellent article on digital marketing by Ioanna Karelia featured on Be Your Maverick site.

It is a comprehensive introduction for digital marketing, covering the:

  • What digital marketing is,
  • Types Of digital marketing,
  • Why do you need a digital marketing strategy,
  • Mistakes to avoid, and the
  • Future of Digital Marketing.

Excellent reading, and a must read for all modern entrepreneurs and small business owners.

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