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There are numerous renowned women speakers in the world today. Several decades back, it would have been a hard thing to locate a well-recognized women speaker in the corporate world. Today, there a lot of things have changed and the rise of not only the female speakers but also young and energetic personalities of both genders are taking to the podiums.

Factors Influencing Women to Become Speakers around the World Today

Maybe we need to look into the journey that women have made in being recognized as influential public speakers in many parts of the world. Since the era of globalization started in the early 1990s, women have taken to the leading roles in social-economic activities and in business. Among the factors that have contributed to the growth of the women creativity speakers can be summarized as follows:

Economic Empowerment

Empowerment of women has been a major contributor to the rise of a large number of women speakers across the world today. With the increase in wealth of governments and societies, so has there been a rise in wealth in the hands of women. This has led to many making their own independent decisions which have not been influenced by their wealth status.

Human Rights Recognition

The world as a whole has come from far, especially in the recognition of basic human rights. In many societies today, there is the basic recognition of the minimum human rights which sees everyone as equal in the eyes of the law. Female speakers have had a great chance to hone their skills to propagate for the rights of the general human race and also for the recognition of women rights. Indeed, this has achieved a lot and some of the very reasons why you will find prominent women in powerful positions are that the law is applied to all and equally.

Recognition Of Talents

Some decades back, it was hard for a young child whether male or female to identify a good career they wanted to pursue. Today, there are colleges and academies established all over that have been designed to help recognize and tame the talents in young people. Some of the people, who go to such academies and forums, find their calling in the public speaking world. Unlike earlier years, today, more and more your girls are discovering their talents are in public speaking, whether as politicians, investment or even motivational sector.

Existence of Role Models

There have been countless women public figures that have made an immense contribution to the betterment of the human race. As such, many of these iconic women have had the talent of being good orators. With their public speaking talents, they have been able to influence societies for the better. This doesn’t go without noticing by many aspiring young girls.

In fact, many of the female speakers you will find on the podiums today have been influenced to a certain degree to be what they are today by a prominent female figure. Role models are found all over and a young girl will never fail to find one even in a small town where she might be living.

The Internet

There is a lot of stuff that one can learn through the internet. It is not hard to find a person studying for their degree online. The role of the internet cannot be understated in the growth of the public speakers across the world. The internet provides an easy platform where people can access information free of charge and use it to be whatever they want. Moreover, there are universities and colleges that offer public speaking courses and this makes it extremely easy for an aspiring young girl to become a speaker.

Education System

There were no colleges a century ago that offered public speaking courses. The closest a person was to learn about speaking to a crowd was either by observance or apprenticeship. Becoming a speaker is not something that one can just wake up to and start doing; at least for most of us. You have to learn several things such as strategic speaking, motivational speaking methods and so much more. Today, we have universities which offer courses related to public speaking.

Corporate World Influence

People relate better to what they can see or experience. Many successful women in their own right either through the pursuance of their individual careers or by establishing phenomenon business entities have become role models to many. Such a successful person will have more influence in the lives of young people probably more than a person who has studied to become a public speaker.

On the other hand, it is by no coincidence that many successful people in life are creativity speakers. With self-esteem, success and believe, a person finds it pretty easy to influence the people around them through the words they utter and through their actions. It is indeed very normal to find a successful woman taking up a public speaking course to manage her life better and to also influence the lives of those people around her for the better.

Depending on where a person is located around the world, there can never lack a woman figure that can inspire her to rise to the occasion of becoming a great speaker. Still, personal circumstances and experiences influence many people in making life-changing decisions and this is not an otherwise situation for aspiring speakers. With the current trend, it is with little doubt that women will have an equal public speaking platform as their male counterparts if not more in a few years’ time.

Question: What do you think? Do you know any other factors influencing women to become speakers? Please comment here!