This is an infographic about famous companies, started in a Garage, by Andy Wild. Andy, is the owner of Swan Garage Doors, and has over 12 years’ experience in the industry and has dealt with all manner of garage door problems during that period. You can find more about his work at his site at Swan Garage Doors!

Do you know the most famous start-up companies beginning from a garage? No? Well, there are quite a few following the ideas of their founders!

The Most Famous Start-Ups In History [Inforgraphic]

Image Source: Pixabay

Check the following infographic to get more information about the companies started up from a garage.
The Most Famous Start-Ups In History
Question: Do you think you can develop a start-up? Think what new can bring in the world, your start-up! Do you like to extrapolate on what your startup would be?