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Leadership is a skill or a trait and being a leader is a role that an individual performs. Whenever we talk about successfully managed teams and projects, we cannot emphasize more the importance and the role their leader must have played during the performance and execution of the work. When you become a leader, there are absolutely essential responsibilities and accountability you have to take care of in order to be a successful one. The importance of leadership within a team is so much that it is almost like an anchor to a sinking ship. Imagine a boat without its captain, it can sink and go haywire similarly without a leader the team can just go anywhere in the midst of all the work and can become one chaotic workforce that achieves absolutely nothing.
When we talk about leaders and leadership roles, there are several roles and duties that a successful leader performs while on duty. For one, he is the representative of his workforce and if the leader is good and well managed his workforce is entitled to be the same. Today, our blog will focus on four different types of roles that a leader will perform within the team to make it efficient and successful one.

A Guide From Beginning To Completion

A leader is like a map of guidance to his team. He is the one who can guide the team from point A to point B. When an individual is selected to be a leader, it is because he has that experience and personality to lead and guide people. So guiding the workforce is something that can be called a basic role of a leader. Without proper guidance from the leader, a team is never going to achieve any kind of success in any project. By guidance, it means that leader also sets an example for others to take inspiration from and deliver the same quality of work.

Makes Hard Decisions For The Betterment

A team’s decision-making ability is limited, while a leader’s decision-making ability is much more vast and comprehensive. So a leader performs a role of tough decision maker in situations where the team finds itself confused or in trouble. A leader is the one who can guide them out in such a way that the problem will become learning for that team.

Develops Strategies

A leader looks at a bigger picture just like a general at war. He will develop strategies and framework to eventually achieve a much bigger aim and result by working on smaller and shorter goals. This role of a leader is one of the most crucial ones and it can decide the fate of the team as well as the project itself.


As they say, everyone needs some kind of mentorship and supervision. A leader will provide all kinds of mentorship and supervision for his team. He will not only direct them to achieve results but in the process also teach them so they as an individual grow towards becoming much more accomplished and skillful.