One question often pop-ups now and then, in my communication with my friends and relatives, is: “How can get free Kindle Books?“. Today, the need for more specialized information, for various topics, renders the buying of all needed resources quite impossible. But, fortunately, there are alternatives.


One of the best, is the Amazon Kindle Platform, with the variety of readers, it provides. Amazon Kindle, not only allows you to buy the electronic books you require and publish your own e-books, but also, provides access to many free resources.

Free Kindle Books Resources

Kindle is one of my favorite applications for developing or searching, finding, buying and reading books, in various platforms. It is easy to use, integrated with Amazon store, and it is cross-Kindle Application for Free Kindle Booksfunctional.

Besides, buying e-Books, the Amazon provides and a lot of free e-Books.  So if you would find something specific with zero price, it is excellent.

You can select any book you like, from collections, such, as:

Another way to check frequently for free Kindle e-Books and find the ones you are interested in is by browsing more specialized sites, such as the:

to mention only a few!

How to Stay Informed About the New Free Kindle Books

A better way is to receive updated information for free Kindle e-Books in your News Reader, by RSS. As I have already explained, you could, for instance, build a category for e-Books you are interested in, in your RSS aggregator or your news reader and add there the feeds from free kindle e-books sites.

I hope these tips, can help you in finding free Kindle e-Books.

What do you think? This information is helpful or not? Do you think, you can use them in finding free e-books you may interest in?