My new book Glimpses of a Changing Scenery is here and it is published, in Kindle format, in the Amazon. Its full title is: Leadership Initiative Papers – Glimpses of a Changing Scenery and has several, I believe (!), transformation ideas for anyone to follow, to better his or her own life!

Glimpses Cover

Find below some more information about the book!

The Book!

The book published on December 16, 2013, and it is an enhancement and more integrated version of approaches, ideas, strategies, methods, and tools, having discussed in this blog.

Glimpses of a Changing Scenery Building Blocks

The “building blocks” for the authoring of that book, came from posts and ideas presented here. In order to author the Glimpses of a Changing Scenery, I selected the best and more representative articles and posts from the main categories of topics in this blog (i.e. Business, Leadership, Personal Development, Productivity, and Tools), I reviewed them and I have compiled them in a different more integrated approach!

Contents Of The Book

The contents of the book are as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Leadership Initiative
    • An idea
    • The concept
  • Business As Usual
    • What Exactly IS Strategy? (and what it is not!)
    • A New Economic Model – Some thoughts
    • Towards a culture of change
    • Business Startups – An approach
    • About DJ’s and Decks
    • What exactly a LADRT is, and what it can do for my business?
    • 12 technologies that will transform the economy and the society
    • Business development as a Sudoku puzzle
    • Instructional Design as a Discipline
  • Leadership Initiative(s)
    • Why Leadership Initiative
    • Leadership is …
    • Start up on empty
    • A raw model for leadership
    • 4 words for leadership and personal development
    • 2 Quadrants to lead your decisions
    • 7 Laws for leadership development
  • Personal Development As A CRITICAL Investment
    • Who are you going to be in 5 years?
    • 3 Elements for personal development and success
    • How to develop a new skill, fast!
    • Free space for your thoughts
    • The large significant of small escapes
    • Have a nice day !!!
    • Mind the gap
    • The art of finish
  • Productivity For A Purpose
    • What is time management or Time Gained and Re-Gained?
    • 12 Ways to reboot your life
    • Habits for an efficient and productive day
    • Best productivity tip, ever!!!
  • Tools Of The Trade
    • 15 Applications and Tools to increase your productivity
    • Collaboration Tools For Small Business
    • Writebox: A Versatile Text Productivity Tool
    • 8 ideas for using creatively an RSS aggregator
    • Organize Chrome bookmarks for maximum efficiency
    • Free Kindle Books

Design Of The Book

The eBook  Leadership Initiative Papers – Glimpses of a Changing Scenery designed in order to assist you to develop your unique approach to controlling efficiently the environment you live and work. Furthermore, it is designed to intrigue you to take an active initiative in all the major sections of your life, targeting at building a better and enhance “habitat” for you and your family via ideas, methods, and approaches that would orient you towards the achievement of your goals.

More Information About The Book

More information about the book, you can find here, while you can get your own copy today on Amazon!