This article has been written by Thomas Glare. Thomas is an experienced content writer and SaaS marketing consultant with a master’s degree in media studies. He helps his clients develop profitable SaaS campaigns and build their brand value. Thomas is an entrepreneur himself, having launched a SaaS company in 2017. He loves blogging about his experience.

Imagine waking up one morning and seeing the video you uploaded last night reach a million views. Maybe it’s already happened to you once. It’s exhilarating to get your Software as a Service brand seen by so many people online. But here’s the thing: most of the viewers will not become your customers.

To run a profitable business, you need to focus on more practical strategies for your SaaS marketing. Want to know what these are? Keep reading and you’ll find out.

1. Selling B2B Saas Solutions Is a Multi-Step Process

Make no mistake about it, to be successful in marketing your B2B SaaS solution requires a lot of work. Just because someone sees your content, doesn’t mean that they’re ready to buy. You need to warm your clients up. How do you do that? It’s simple. Your marketing plan should include developing a sales funnel that takes your potential customers through multiple steps.

You can start with a video or a piece of content that piques people’s interest. Then you direct them to a free trial, a demo, or a webinar. If they come along with you on this journey, you can end it with a proposal.

The bottom line is that your SaaS marketing strategy should not aim to make the sale too early. Take your time and let your potential clients get to know you before trying to sell them anything.

Still not convinced? There’s one key thing about B2B SaaS. solutions you should know.

2. Nobody Buys B2B Saas Solutions on Impulse

Obviously, you can accelerate the speed at which your potential customers are converted into paying clients. You can also make sure they go along your sales funnel smoothly and without any hiccups. But there still needs to exist a journey between viewing your content and buying from you. Why is this so? Because, out of all things, businesses don’t usually purchase SaaS solutions on impulse. They buy only after fully understanding all the benefits of the product. And guess what? A viral video is not going to help you skip any steps either.

3. Marketing Lessons From a Pandemic

  • When it comes to content marketing during Coronavirus, it’s all about being helpful. A word of caution: you should only offer advice on COVID-19 that genuinely helps your audience. False claims can quickly damage your brand’s reputation, so it’s good to stay clear from them.
  • You can start by letting your prospects know who you are. Maybe your SaaS solution offers ways to deal with frequent refund requests or helps with organizing virtual events. With the canceling of all conferences and events, organizers would love to hear from you. Take a moment to think about how your SaaS solution could provide extra value in these tough times.
  • Now is the best time to step back a little from everyday business and do some strategic thinking. Maybe you don’t have a SaaS toolkit that can be helpful during Coronavirus, but there are other ways to draw positive attention to your brand. For example, you can simply start publishing articles about working for home. Or you can help people earn some much needed extra income by offering them a Coin Master free spins link.
  • Remember, that people have a lot to worry about right now. So don’t be surprised, if your marketing mix is not going to have the desired effect. The payoff from being helpful can come much later.
  • The importance of digital interaction is reflected in customer behavior. When researching products, customer preferences for interactive sales of interactions increased significantly, with vendor mobile apps, and social networks or online communities showing the fastest growth since 2019. Mobile apps are two times more important for product research among American customers than for those in the UK or Germany. It is interesting to note that the importance of the supplier’s webpage has not changed much, probably because customers have already actively used the supplier’s websites for this part of their journey.

When trying to acquire new customers, it’s easy to forget about your existing ones. That’s a big mistake.

4. Your Existing Customers Are Super Valuable

This is another reason to not focus too much on creating viral content. Why? Because viral content is designed to be shared and it doesn’t always contain helpful information. This can easily lead to losing some of your loyal customers, who are used to getting content from you that’s practical.

Keeping your existing customers happy is not important only to make them stay with you. If you have a new product coming out, then the people who are most likely to purchase it, are your loyal clients. They already have a trusting relationship with you and you can easily reach them through social media marketing.

Let’s look at some other strategies.

5. Strategic Thinking Will Get You Far

Some of the best-proven strategies for SaaS marketing are:

  • Create better content than your competitors, to get ahead. It really is that simple. You’ve probably heard the saying “Content is the king.” This is very true still in 2020.
  • Publish case studies. It’s the best way to boost your conversion rate. Think about it this way: if you show your prospects how your SaaS can solve their very specific problems, they have no chance than to become your clients.
  • Write guest posts to drive quality traffic to your website. In addition to that, you can get at least two backlinks out of a guest post.
  • Answer questions on Quora and introduce your product in the process. You can start by answering any of the questions people post on the platform. And then, just like with case studies, you show how your SaaS is the best solution for their issues.
  • Launch your affiliate program. It’s an awesome risk-free marketing strategy. You split the profits with your affiliates, but the best part is that they actually do all the work for you. Starting and managing the program is quite easy with the right network marketing software.


Hopefully, we’ve helped you uncover by now what is SaaS marketing. The bottom line is that it’s so much more than producing viral content. Your main focus should always be on helping your existing and future customers. Being useful will never go unnoticed and it builds a loyal fanbase to your brand. What could be better?

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