Productivity is always, one of the main concerns when various tasks and projects have to be finished, during the day. This is the reason, that I’m always alert of new tools, approaches, and ideas that can make my life a little easier.

Gtdagenda Main Screen

Gtdagenda Main Screen

For this reason, I was glad, when recently, I was contacted by Dan Baluta from, asking me if I could take a look at this application. And of course, it is my pleasure, to take a look at a productivity tool that can help you organize effectively the short medium and long-term goals and activities, in a personal or professional level. is an online project and task management application, based on David Allen’s Getting Things Done time management method.

Getting Things Done

Getting Things Done (or GTD for short) is a productivity methodology developed by David Allen, that can assist you in manage more effectively your personal and professional life. This methodology has described by David Allen, in his book: “Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity and has gained a lot of momentum, mainly because:

  1. It provides a solid framework for organizing your thoughts, actions, tasks, and projects
  2. Can be implemented in various media, either of analog or of digital nature
  3. It is simple and basically can be implemented immediately (even though requires a little bit of organization [!!!]), and
  4. It provides tangible outputs and results if practiced in due diligence mode,

to mention only a few features that made this approach so popular.

The is structured around the main features of the GTD methodology, covering and accommodating in an easy and friendly manner:

  • Goals
  • Projects
  • Tasks, and
  • Next Actions

as the most, GTD based applications.

Its structure is easily recognizable (for anyone with a limited experience in GTD principles) and the tasks can be easily recorded and categorized in their respectful contexts via a rich and user-friendly productivity environment.

Other than that, it offers some unique features, that can enrich your productivity scenery, and facilitate your everyday personal and professional life, such as:

Gtdagenda Checklists

Gtdagenda Checklists

  • Vision Wall: inspiring pictures that can connect to your goals and delivered in your inbox, 
  • Checklists: repetitive tasks, should perform on a regular base, such as exercise, cellular or mobile devices recharge, backups, weekly reviews, etc, 
  • Integration with Evernote: This is a feature I like in a much degree, since I’m an ardent user of the Evernote application, almost, for all my note requirements. can sync your account with Evernote and attach notes to your contexts and projects.

Two more features of that enhance it in a major degree its usability are the iPhone and Android native Apps that can work offline and can be sync when you reconnect to the internet, and also a mobile-web version that works from any mobile browser.

Finally, one major feature of (very important for its future stability, integration, and scalability) is the provision of a public Application Programming Interface (API), that can provide a programming base for the integration of this application with third-party applications.

In short, has all the necessary features, required for a high volume and demanding project and task management application based on GTD methodology, while providing extra features, that enhance its value-added capabilities, to a large degree.  What I like most, is that the same tool can be used for the implementation of various productivity based schemes (as the

What I like most, is that the same tool can be used for the implementation of various productivity based schemes (as the Stephen R. Covey‘ scheme described in his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People or the Zen to Done Scheme as Leo Babauta describes in his book: Zen To Done: The Ultimate Simple Productivity System or similar productivity schemes) while keeps all the necessary features for customizing your system in the way you like the most.

I think that definitely it needs a much closer look!!!