One of most valuable tools for your online present, marketing, and social media management is the HootSuite (not an affiliate link). It is one of the tools I use often for marketing and communication purposes!


Why HootSuite – Features

HootSuite is an integrated platform, and can handle accounts and interactions from various social networks and publishing platforms! Among them included the following widely used networks and platforms:

The total of the applications and tools you can use are integrated with a cleverly designed Dashboard, which is the central information center of HootSuite!

But beyond the management of social media accounts, HootSuite offers some more, value added features, that can be of great use, for the marketeers, promoters, communicators and users in general! The HootSuite features that I value the most are:

  • The batch scheduling and publishing of various items, news, and posts,
  • The custom analytics, a feature permits you to monitor and follow the effect of your social and/or business interactions and campaigns,
  • The team-management features permits you the communication with the framework of specialized teams,
  • The HootSuite Conversations permits you the internal communication with the other members of your team, without leaving the dashboard,
  • The upgrade Message Management, permits you the easiest and transparent publishing (including Bulk Scheduling features for mass scheduling of the required posts and news!), monitoring (including keyword searching features), communication and interaction with your social media, and
  • Its usage and compatibility across various platforms and devices (desktop, tablets, mobile phones, etc)

How I Use HootSuite

HootSuite provides an integrated dashboard, from which you can handle more than 90% of your everyday communication and interaction with your social networks. Is is easy and its free version provides a lot of features you can use effectively and check its capabilities!

Personally I use HootSuite, almost daily, for:

  1. publishing or schedule bulk items, posts, news and resources of interest in twitter,
  2. dissemination of information, ideas and approaches of interest from all over the internet(!),
  3. social Media monitoring and analytics of my interaction,
  4. marketing, promotion and information purposes,
  5. communication with my friends, peers, and associates via a single interface (a very large productivity booster, since you haven’t had to login to different networks all the time!),
  6. an integrated look into my social accounts from everywhere (desktop, tablet and mobile)

Question: Do you think, that HootSuite, would be useful to your purposes? Do you think, you can use effectively a tool such as the HootSuite is, for your business purposes? Do you think, you can use HootSuite more creatively, in order for you to promote your personal and professional goals? How do you use HootSuite?