With the increasing use of mobile and the prevalence of the internet, it is no surprise that businesses are investing heavily in digital marketing and ensuring that their brand has a strong online presence. In today’s society, all the information you need is at the tips of your fingers and one click away.

How Can You Grow Your Website’s Online Presence

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With this much competition and new start-ups popping up every day, there needs to be something unique and new about your business.

There are many ways for you and your business to attract attention and a customer base to further your reach and grow:

Optimize Your Website for Mobiles and Tablets

Your website may look perfectly fine and functional when viewed using a laptop or desktop computer, but how does it look on a mobile or a tablet?

Because most people are likely to browse through websites using these when on the move, it is best to ensure that your website looks and does the part on this platform. A clunky, glitchy website that is slow to load and contains many error messages can easily put off a potential customer and lead them to use a competitor instead.

This is particularly important when Google found that mobile users are more likely to buy or invest in services than any other type of consumer. It may be because all the information they need is stored and easily accessible through their phones.

With one click, they can access past reviews and testimonials from other customers, compare prices and statistics of another brand or browse through your website to see if it suits their needs. As a result, they can then make an informed decision whether to buy your product or service or simply look for another website.

If your website is barely functioning when viewed on a mobile device, then that is one potential customer turned away.

One way of solving this issue and keep the potential customer browsing through your website long enough to buy something is by ensuring your website is mobile-optimized.

Doing so makes your website easily accessible through smartphones and tablets, ensures images and text look good on the screen and helps with the problem of slow loading screens.

By increasing the overall mobile-experience, the sheer convenience and ease of use of a mobile-optimized website can persuade the visitor to buy and perhaps, even return as a regular.

Learn How to Use SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a way of increasing your website’s online visibility and uses web search engine results.

One way of increasing your website’s online presence when using SEO techniques is by producing quality content through blog posts or news articles. It can be content relating to your business sector, any interesting data you found or a post detailing various promotions and discounts that are available.

Either way, through content you can utilize SEO to increase the likelihood of your website appearing in search engines when a potential customer searches for a keyword that relates to your business.

You can do this in many ways such as using short and snappy titles, writing original content and using keywords related to your business. You can either consult SEO specialists or even learn more about this nifty trick yourself.

Send Out Weekly or Monthly Newsletters

There are many tips and tricks on how to increase website traffic, and one of which can be through producing weekly newsletters.

A newsletter can be a way to send out important information, updates, and discounts to customers who have given their email addresses.

Programs such as Dotmailer allows the user to collate information straight from your website and lay it out into a neat layout ready to send to your list of customer email addresses. It also allows you to keep track of how many click-throughs that specific newsletter received, which ones received the most clicks and engagements and how many forwarded the newsletter as well as other data that tracks progress and result.

By sending out weekly or monthly newsletters, you keep the business on their radar and emails can also be forwarded for greater reach.

You may also include offers and discounts to specific newsletters such as one that is sent only to regular customers or have a members system set up that offers discounts and benefits to those who signed up. It may persuade customers to keep using your service or product and even invite new ones to join.

Maintain Social Media Platforms

The main thing with using social media is to choose the platform that is best suited for you and your company’s aims. There are many platforms available and using multiple may be spreading yourself thin and sacrificing quality posts. Know where your audiences are likely to be and perhaps, make your decision this way.

Social media is a great way of spreading information quickly, and you can even customize your posts in line with your brand’s image and increase brand awareness. Updated social media accounts also give the impression of a reliable business that is up to with current events and trends.

It is also another way to learn more about your customers, their reviews, where you can improve and space for customers to voice their concern or make contact. It is nice to see a human behind a business and may increase loyalty towards a brand. Engaging and interacting with customers can also increase website click-throughs.

For example, with a character limit on Twitter, it may be best to produce graphics specifically for these posts and use the remaining characters to link back to your website and engage with customers.

Some ways of doing this are by linking content from the website, holding contests and polls and encourage people to like and comment and even tag anyone in their circle who may be interested.

It increases your audience reach and may even attract an audience that you may otherwise never have.

Growing an online presence can be hard work at the beginning but can be highly beneficial in the future. Ensuring that your website is functional and social media platforms updated can increase clicks through to your website and may bring in new customers along the way.