Paid search occurs when you pay a company or search engine to promote your company on their website. Paid search can be effective because it’s usually tailored toward your specific audience and their needs.

How Does Web Design Affect Paid Search?

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However, web design can affect paid search options, so it’s vital that you take this into consideration before you invest in paid search.

What Are Your Paid Search Options?


Pay-per-click is when you acquire a sponsored advertising position on a search engine when your keywords are searched. You will only have to pay a small amount when a potential client clicks the advert that is provided. Only people who have searched for your terms will see your adverts and potentially follow the link to your website.

Social Media

You can pay most social media companies, such as Twitter and Facebook, to promote your advert in their sidebars and banners. You’ll be able to target these ads toward certain age groups and locational demographics to ensure that a relevant audience sees your ads.

Display Adverts

Display adverts can be found on most websites, such as WordPress, and are sponsored advertisements that appear in the banner or sidebar. Although these are less selective than other paid search options, they can be tailored toward people whose interests and habits match the values of your company.


Remarketing is when cookies are used to track a user’s interests. Then the content they look at online will be used to ensure that only related ads will be shown to them.

How Does Web Design Affect Paid Search?

Web design can affect paid searches because search engines use web crawlers to access your website and understand its keywords. If these aren’t built into your website from the start, and are not innate to its design, you may have trouble obtaining high rankings.

Without the right website design, people will start to pogo-stick away from your website as soon as they click the relevant link. This will mean that you’ll end up spending a lot of money on advertising with no increase in revenue from it. Poor website design can include frustrating additions such as pop-ups, poor mobile optimization, and an unprofessional appearance.

How Can You Optimize Your Web Design for Paid Searches?

If you are struggling to optimize your website for paid searches, you should consider hiring a digital marketing agency such as DMG, which can establish your keywords and design your website around the best SEO techniques.

However, if you want to do it yourself, you should optimize your website in ways that will convert your advertising into real revenue, such as a call to action. You can prompt the viewer to “buy now” or suggest that there’s a limited amount of time they can utilize a certain promotion. You should also ensure the landing page of your advert is relevant to the search the potential customer has conducted, rather than general information about your business or other services or products you provide.