How strong are you? Have you heard the question? Has this question made to you? It is a legitimate question, of course. But it is mainly a question that it is defined by the answer you give!

How Strong Are You?

What Is “Strong”?

Do you think you are strong enough to cope with the problems of everyday life? You surf effortlessly through the problems, as a master in the area? You feel content with the answers and the solutions you give to yourself and the other people?

All these and much more are questions, bother every modern man. The world has been made complicated enough and the problems of our everyday living, are piled up, seemingly without any comprehensible pattern!

For this reason, we need to have courage, bravery and unlimited resources of strength to put everything in order! Or not? Well, everything depends on your goals in life (either personal or professional ones); and on how you define YOUR strength!

As the most of us might recall from their school days, power without a direction does not exist. Period!

In order to have the required strength to manage the things you want to manage with success, you need:

  1. Goals
  2. Direction
  3. Values
  4. Health
  5. Personal & Professional balance
  6. Personal Energy to cope with everyday demands
  7. Self-development capabilities
  8. Business development capabilities and opportunities
  9. Able resources for YOU (i.e. everything and anything can support your daily living on your terms: a spouse, a family, friends, relationships, time (or/and free time), knowledge, skills, habits, financial means to cover your everyday needs, a space to live, food, items you find of value – books, paintings, mobile phone, car, hardware, equipment, etc. – training, skill’s development, assets, etc. – check and the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs )

All these (and perhaps according to your personal beliefs and systems you practice in your everyday life) are core components of the what you define as strength!

This is the reason of why you find difficult to agree with what other people imply when they refer to strength! For you, for instance, it is enough to have time for your family even at the expense of your job while for your some of your colleagues or other people, something like that is unacceptable!

How Strong Are You?

The problem usually arises when you try to compare yourself with other people. You cannot! Every person is different and every person defines differently what strength is (as well as what happiness, balance, content, etc. is)!

Strength is relative and depends on what YOU believe! It:

  • depends on your core values and beliefs, your goals in life, your choices, on your way of thinking, acting and doing and on your direction in life.
  • binds on your accountability, on your limitations and strengths, on your wants and want’s, on your belief system, on the people depend on you, etc.
  • grows with your maintenance of your health, fitness, and energy.
  • flourishes with the development of good and solid relationships (with your significant other, your family, your friends, your business associates, collaborators, etc).
  • enhances by your good time management practices and the good habits practicing.
  • thrives in difficult situations and outside your comfort zone,
  • augments when you doing things for the other and refrain from diminishing other people
  • boosts up by your efforts to enhance yourself via learning, practicing, etc.
  • magnifies by the good results in your life and business.
  • intensifies by your effort to make better decisions.
  • builds up when you develop assets and resources can help your course of action, and that of the other people.
  • elevates when you take initiatives that help yourself as well as other people.

So, to the question: “How Strong Are You?” what is your answer? Please think it a little further! Believe me, it worth the effort. The process might be a little tedious, but it might be quite refreshing too!

Question: How strong are you? Do you have an answer yet! Do you try to find one? Are you in the process of finding an answer to that particular question? Why don’t you share with us your thoughts on “how strong you are?”