I was browsing on the Amazon the other day to find some books I would like to buy and I stumble upon a book with a description about shapeshifters! It is a word came out of old stories and myths in various cultures and a one signifies the adaptability of some living creatures! It is also a much-wanted feature in many comic books and in many heroic sagas when the hero is in trouble! But the feature does not make me too much impression, as its connotations!

How To Change the World

The shapeshifting relates to someone who can take various shapes. But its opposite is much more interesting!

How do you call someone who changes the world around him, according to his/her vision?

In Amazon, I was searching for a particular book, by George Bernard Shaw with the title: Man And Superman.

You see I have found a quotation that makes me a lot of impressions and I want to read the whole piece in order to understand it better.

The quotation was:

The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man. George Bernard Shaw, Man and Superman (1903) “Maxims for Revolutionists”

This juxtaposition between the reasonable and unreasonable person caught my eye!

It is not easy to be either of that, either reasonable or unreasonable the most of the times! And that presents a unique challenge!

Either you take the things as they are, or you change the things according to your needs, desires, aspirations, etc. This is the point, made by Bernard Shaw!

The most of the time it is not easy to accept reality as it is. You have to do something to be more consistent with your dreams and goals. And this initiates the problem of the human existence.

The inertia!

Most of the times you do not like to do anything to change your world, your relations, your business, yourself, even though you know that somethings are not working (as supposed to)!

In order you change anything though, you need to change yourself!

Usually, you shape the world according the who you are. And with world I mean yourself, your relationships, your friends, your business, your community, your ….

You live your life, according to some values, rules, beliefs, life strategies, direction, goals, strengths and limitations, etc.

You do what’s works in order to better your current position and life and that of the ones associate with you! But that is not always easy.

Sometimes you need to change many chunks of your cultural and business experience in order to reach to a small tangible result.

This is something leadership have to say about it and sometimes you need to lead in order to manage and handle things!

Simple as that! Because no one else has the problem you recognize as such and only you know the solution!

Think about it. And then answer. Are you a shapeshifter, or not? Do you take the world as it is or do you want to change it? Do you know how to change the world? Please write, how you can do that!