In the previous week, I receive an e-mail from my mail subscription service, stating that my blog’s marketing campaign (!!!), had a problem with Service’s Compliance Guides. For this reason, my blog-to-email campaign (i.e. the delivery of my posts to your e-mail service) has stopped to operate, until, it reviewed by authorized personnel. Since this service is vital for my blog, I’m going to need your help, to restore the lost operation!

I Need Your Help - MailChimp Problem


Some Background Info!

This mail subscription service was one of the oldest and most reliable services! I used it on the Blogger Platform and I continued to use it on WordPress, without any problems! I use the free version of the service and I have written, many times about similar services. Suddenly, though, the service has temporarily stopped my blog-to-email delivery, due to a: “Terms of service violation“, as they stated. This is a general term, that cannot help me find what’s wrong, or how to remedy it!

Generally, I try to learn from any situation something new. This situation was not different at all!

The fact was that I had no service to deliver my posts via e-mail, and that had to be fixed! I had to learn to cope with “problematic situations” more effectively!

I Need Your Help!

For this reason, I need your help! Due to this situation, I have already changed my subscription service to FeedBurner e-Mail subscription services.

Since the subscription services changed, you need to do a new subscription request for receiving my posts in your e-mail box. Unfortunately, I could not find any way to port my previous address list to the new configuration. For this reason:

I would like for you to subscribe again to my blog!

Again, many apologies for this inconvenience, but until I find a more suitable solution, you going to need to subscribe again in the Takis Athanassiou Blog, in order to get the posts in your mailbox.

How To Subscribe To My Blog

You can always subscribe to my blog by using the corresponding form on the sidebar or at the form located at the bottom of my posts! For subscribing to my blog, you can also use the form located on the Subscribe Page or (directly) the following link:

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Furthermore, I would like to thank all the readers that would respond to this call and to thank them in advance for all the effort and support offered in this blog!

Thank you all, very much!

Please do not forget to subscribe to this blog! What you would do, in a similar situation?