The purpose is a very important element in Leadership. According to Simon Sayek purpose, is the 1/3 of the leadership equation (passion, purpose, people) and the framework brings together the people toward a goal (for which they are passionate). But leading with a purpose is quite different from leadership FOR a purpose!

Leadership for a Purpose

Leadership is never exercised in a void (besides “Nature abhors a vacuum). It is bind to certain objectives, values, principles, conditions, people, circumstances, obstacles, limitations, environment, etc. And for this reason, it needs to monitor closely, the environment in which it would be exercised.

This is the reason, a cautious leader should not be exercise influence, without a specific purpose and only for reasons absolute necessary for the resolve of a certain situation. Power is always a matter of responsibility. And “With great power comes great responsibility” as Voltaire has said!

Pressure for the achievement of a goal should always aligned with certain points of reference, certain conditions and for a limited time. Otherwise, these leverage techniques become obsolete! The same applies to a leader!

A leader should have a clearly defined and communicated purpose, aiming at paving a “way of focusing and motivating a group to enable them to achieve their aims” (Dr. Gerard M Blair). But before that, a leader should have clearly defined values, principles and approaches have been evaluated and tested in action and in real situations, in order to gain the required authority and trust, needed for achieving his/her goal.

It is a work that should have been preceded before the assumption of a leadership role, and if not, it is a necessary condition for someone wants to be a leader, to exercise these qualities during his/her role!

Towards this aim, and according to the circumstances a leader should face, a leader is responsible for:

  • Define, elaborated, disseminate a clear vision pertinent to a specific situation
  • Gather around him/her or around his/her vision people thinking alike and intending to do something about this situation
  • Rally people behind a cause/vision you have conceived/elaborated/formulated/…
  • Achieve consensus towards the aims, methods, and approaches to the achievement of the goal
  • Engage people with the certain causes/objectives/goals needed to be achieved
  • Develop a new approach/way/method for solve/respond/answer a given (rather problematic) situation
  • Build a successful team/organization/tribe aiming at bringing certain results or interact in a certain way
  • Facilitate the development of new leaders (successor in the position or organization)
  • Focus/Acquire/Develop the development of the resources required for achieving the goals/objectives have to be reached
  • Inspire and mobilize the involved parties towards a goal/cause/solution

Ultimately, a leader is responsible for providing the purpose along with the means for achieving the specific purpose!

What do you think!