It is a difficult period to live in, and it becomes even more demanding, by day! You need time, energy, knowledge, skills and every possible asset you might own, just to cope effectively with everyday problems, either at a personal or at a professional level. And sometimes, all these assets does not seem enough! You need to better leverage your assets in an optimal way and even better, to build, access or use some more assets!

How to Better Leverage Your Assets

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What Do You Have?

The things you truly have, as I wrote in my recent newsletter, are a personality, a character, a culture, a family, your memories and experiences, your health and physical condition, your expertise, your knowledge and skills, your talents, a network of close and loyal friends, and the motivation for making your life better! These are the important stuff!

You may also have some items, resources, and some more tangible or intangible assets (as money, academic studies, a work portfolio, books, a large circle of influence, etc) that can assist you to achieve your goals. But everything is useless if you do not know how and when to use it and if it is not aligned with your true goals via the mission you choose to accomplish in your life!

You are responsible for your life path and that means you are, also, responsible for your actions. The basic responsibility of you is to develop more options in any given situation (for yourself and the others) and develop or access more assets you need to accomplish your goals!

How to Evaluate Your Assets?

Do you know the jigsaw puzzles? Bits and pieces of irregular shapes of paper to provide only a few leads as to where they would be placed in their final position. But, if you find their place, you will end up having one beautiful picture, hide behind the random order of the pieces.

What you have, and what you own, are elements of the same puzzle, aims to give you a complete picture only when you know where you are going! Only when you have goals and objectives and a life path, the how, the where and the way of the usage of your assets have gained meaning! Only then, you can better leverage your assets according to the situations you have to face!

How to Better Leverage Your Assets

  1. Take an inventory of your assets. Think and record your major assets (tangible and intangibles) and write the best appropriate situation you can use them in order to provide you the most profitable results for you and your objectives. Take a step further. Use a spreadsheet and catalog your major resources and assets, writing beside them where and how you can use the best!
  2. Use the best assets you have or can access to gain a better leverage and achieve maximum results. Find how you can grow your capacity to use them more productively and apply them to where would provide you the most gains!
  3. Hack yourself! Try to generate solutions and options for every situation. Leave your assets behind and choose to follow a line of thought that would generate you more options and solutions for any given situation. Exercise your capability to not use your resources and assets but your mental and physical traits in a more effective way. If you cannot produce any solution, you can always use any of your assets to find a way through!
  4. Train yourself to live a more frugally and a simpler life that would serve you in many situations.
  5. Learn how to reserve your energy, endurance, mental and physical strength, fitness, health and time in order to use them when you needed them more. Follow a line of frugality, since this mode of operation, may help you to produce much more options to serve your true purposes!
  6. Assess and chase the true priorities of your life, leaving behind the random ventures and routes does not serve anymore your purposes and does not make you a better person!
  7. Evaluate your way of living, your goals and align the methods you use for achieving your goals. Make the necessary amendments if you think it necessary, in order your life to reflects your personality, values, and character!
  8. Change your mindset to support the achievement of your goals and objectives and review your path, under the view of making your actions and your life more effective towards your purposes
  9. Change your habits, if not corresponding to your goals, and assume new habits that would serve you better.
  10. Think, and find ways to multiply your vital assets, and provide more value to yourself, the people around you and your society!

Do you know any other way to leverage your assets?