Little things can create a large disturbance! I had recently one such an experience with various, small things, went completely off the track! It was unexpected and it was very, very, disturbing! But the situation gave me some hints on handling peculiar situations and on the power of small things in our highly organized life!

Little Things

What’s The Problem?

Chaos theory says that slight differences in the initial conditions can initiate a totally different chain of events. Or how a small butterfly flying in NY can cause a hurricane at the sea of North China!

But that is not all. I had experienced, recently, a “peculiar” day, remind me more than that. A lot of small things went wrong (broke down !!!) My PC’s mouse suddenly start having trouble working as suppose to; my remote control key of my car had problems to function properly; the washing machine in my house stopped after a certain stage of the washing circle!

Out Of My Comfort Zone

I do not claim to know how to fix everything, but MacGyver is an old hero of mine, and when possible I try to match him (sometimes I manage it, sometimes I don’t)! In general, I can fix, repair, hack, initiate, match, make a run, find solutions, make work, etc. to most than 80% of the things do not work in the normal way!

These 3 cases, though, put me in thoughts:

  1. The PC’s Mouse. I could do without (the keyboard, after all, is an old friend) but for some reason, I would not persuade myself to leave my comfort zone! I had to go to buy another one (and I did)!
  2. My Car’s Remote Key. Well, I do not know what was the problem, but it wasn’t worked as usual! One option was to change batteries, which is something I did (at the cost of a second walk to the appropriate shop for changing the battery). So I change them, nothing work, I try many times to see what’s wrong (I even leave able time for discharging, just in case) but the key refused to do anything to my car! Bummer[!!!] Finally, after many trial and errors I used my spared one. I will check it another day, without the fuzz and the obscurities of this particular day!
  3. The washing machine. Besides the fact of the appointment (at the expense of my precious well scheduled, planned and allocated time) and of the delay of the repairman (too much work, some problems with the technicians in your area, etc.), the technician found out that the problem was 2 small coins dropped in the bumping line of the washing machine! Tell me about the power of euro (or dollar in the appropriate continent!)

The Power Of Little Things In Everyday Life

3 small causes, 3 problems for fixing! The net result was that I had done almost zero work for the day, no exercise either and my schedule went down the tube! These problems cost me a tedious come and go to various shops, a lot of time for trials and errors, and time for fixing and trying to repair various staffs.

Makes me wonder about what small things can cause in your daily routine or in your life in general!!!

I think you should always pay attention to small things! You should always keep in mind that “the devil is in the detail“.