Creating static HTML websites is easy. Creating dynamic websites is a little complicated. Complications involved in creating live streaming websites are of the highest order. Popular examples of online streaming websites are YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Twitch, Daily Motion, etc. Of all these streaming websites, YouTube enjoys a market share of nearly 75% in the US. The next spot is occupied by Netflix. For your information, Netflix has a market share of 8.3%.


YouTube has more than a billion viewers and most of the content on YouTube is user generated. YouTube generates revenue through ads that run in between ads. Netflix is a subscription based VOD (Video on Demand) giant known for its wide collection of movies and TV shows.

When it comes to content diversification, Amazon Prime and Netflix are simply unmatchable. The best thing about such online streaming sites is that they are compatible with multiple devices and personalization of content recommendations and suggestions is very much in the offing.

Here is a technical de-briefing on how to create your own online streaming site:

1. Domain Registration

There are several domain registration services such as,, etc., which let you register a domain name for your website. You can also search for domain names in

Premium domain names can be bought at,,, etc.Though there are several registration services, the costs involved in domain registration do not vary significantly across various service providers.

A significant variation in expenses is often noticed and markedly pronounced in web hosting services.

2. Web Hosting

Many web hosting companies provide domain registration services. There is no compulsion to collaborate and coordinate with the same company for which you have registered your domain name.

Video on demand streaming websites is extremely data-heavy. They require volumes of disk storage and for obvious reasons, bandwidth requirements are also high.

Initially, opt for shared hosting. Later on, opt for managed hosting or dedicated hosting plans. Always foster relationships with that web hosting service which specializes in high bandwidth.

3. Website Layout Design

To design templates and themes for your website, it is recommended to use professional tools like Adobe Dreamweaver and Microsoft FrontPage.

There are many tutorials pertaining to Adobe Dreamweaver and Microsoft FrontPage on YouTube. If you do not have time, you can purchase premium and good looking templates from sites such as,, etc.

Free templates can be downloaded but if you are using them for commercial purposes, you to purchase usage rights.

4. Lines of Code

Video files are often in various formats such as FLV, WMV, MOV, etc. For every format, you are required to add the correct block of code. If you are purchasing website templates from, they are likely to have video code already embedded. Such templates will reduce your burden.

If you are not well versed with technical stuff, you can hire a web developer.

5. Licenses and Usage Rights

Many streaming websites stream movies and television shows without procuring usage rights and license permissions.

This will result in copyright infringements and legal troubles. Always sign contracts with content owners.

If you are collating video content from independent content providers, pay attention to terms of use. If you are looking to churn profits, do abide by the rules.

6. Churn Profits

Video streaming website development from scratch is challenging and expensive. If you want to make profits, you have to leverage subscription based revenue model.

It is also recommended to sell certain advertising space. You have to design website templates in such a way that they can accommodate contextual ads. Also, you can initiate PPC (Pay-per-Click) programs and earn money.

If you fail to design scalable websites, it can unleash anxiety and wariness. When a customer initiates payment, your payment gateways shouldn’t hang.

Security is another important step. Have you thought of cross border trade? One of the basic requirements of facilitating cross border trade is to support multiple languages. For this, you should embed multi-language plugin.

Building a simple live streaming website from scratch is not that simple. It takes more than six months to build a high performing yet a simple live streaming website. By the time you start monetizing it, six months will have passed.

The road ahead can get tougher because you should have enough funds to pay web developers and testers. Do you remember the saying- Time is money? Time is an asset. By wasting a precious year, you are letting go of precious opportunities. So, is there any easy yet effective solution to building online streaming websites?

StreamNow: Live Streaming Software

Use StreamNow, a live streaming script which allows users to create, distribute and market video content on multiple devices. By using this broadcaster software, you can make the most of the video monetization features.  Here is a brief on its features:

1. Live Commenting System

Just like how Facebook Live and Periscope have built-in live commenting systems, websites built by using StreamNow also have built-in live commenting feature.

In this live streaming software, you’ll get some awesome features along with commenting. The principle is simple – Higher is the number of comments, better is the Google ranking.

2. Video Monetization

If you are looking for auspicious revenue generation opportunities, StreamNow will better your upward revenue trajectory. It all boils to leveraging the right strategy to maximize revenue generation.

Some of the video monetization options are:

  • Advertisements
  • Subscriptions
  • Pay per View

3. Video Content Delivery

Distributing your content to every nook and corner of the globe is important.

In its attempt to promote smart content delivery, StreamNow uses scalable and secure Content Delivery Networks (CDN), thereby providing security from cyber thefts and hacks.

Preventing data from getting forged is an overwhelming task. It requires setting limits on video access based on various parameters such as date, domain, IP, location, etc.

4. Analytics

Your live streaming website will be at a standstill if you fail to get insights on real time traffic, viewership status, the number of video hits, popularity of videos etc.

StreamNow has a built-in analytics module. You can create decisions on branding and create videos accordingly.

5. Social Logins

Conventional login forms suffer from the domino effect. In other words, one empty field triggers several empty fields and filling all those fields is tiresome.

To make it easier for your users and viewers, Social login CTAs (Call to Action) pertaining to Facebook, Twitter and Gmail have been incorporated.