One of the most valuable tools in my toolbox is the MarkdownPad 2 editor for windows (not an affiliate link). MarkdownPad is a Markdown editor suitable to handle efficiently the “writing needs” of modern bloggers. MarkdownPad 2 For Windows

What Markdown Is?

Markdown is:

a plain text formatting syntax designed so that it optionally can be converted to HTML (Wikipedia: Markdown).

Markdown is a minimal markup language can be easily used (read & write) with a simple text editor in any platform (Windows, Mac, Unix, iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.). But for a more specific usage have been developed more markdown focused text editors that can handle more effectively many of the required markdown tasks (as the formatting, the preview, etc.)

The prime usage of markdown is the web publishing (notably blogs!). Most current blogging platforms (WordPress, Joomla, etc) use specialized plugins to convert the markdown syntax to HTML. But Markdown can also be used by many web professionals, need a quick and efficient way to write effortless HTML.

MarkdownPad 2 For Windows

MarkdownPad 2 is the second version of this application with a complete redesign and much more required features added.

Its main features include:

  • Instant HTML Preview
  • Markdown formatting with keyboard shortcuts
  • Extended customization
  • Usage of custom-made CSS
  • HTML and PDF Export
  • Multi-tab layout
  • Session Management
  • Distraction free mode

It is available in 2 versions, free or Pro Version (here are the main differences) and can cover the needs of any serious blogger! Needless to say that this post has been developed with the MarkdownPad 2 for Windows.

Question: Do you think, MarkdownPad 2 For Windows can find a place in your personal toolbox?