Uscreen – Sell Your Videos Online

UScreen - Sell Your Videos Online

Video has become one of the most valuable assets for every brand today. Its importance and impact growing day-by-day and its large influence change traditional marketing procedures and establish new business models in the market.

Video marketing strategy has become today an integral part of the marketing for every brand wants to reach a larger audience and develop true relationships with its audience.

To start exploiting this new trend you need reliable tools and platforms help you to commercialize your videos, enhance your conversion rates and increase your sales.

One such platform is Uscreen (not an affiliate link). Uscreen is an easy yet powerful video platform that allows anyone to sell videos online.

Uscreen powers over 1000 customers who have set up subscription/membership sites, sort of like building your own Netflix.

These customers leverage Uscreen and create a streaming using their own brand using the Uscreen technology.

For the video marketers, Uscreen has some very interesting features like:

  • Fully White Label (Your brand everywhere)
  • Easy to use, yet powerful
  • Lots of customization & flexibility in setting up your own look & feel
  • In-depth analytics
  • Upload Videos & Other Assets
  • Fully Branded Native Apps & OTT (over-the-top) Apps
  • Built-in billing & subscription engine
  • Marketing & Community Tools

You can find more information here:

Uscreen can cover many aspects of a successful video marketing campaign promoting content and developing a platform for a larger impact of any brand!

If video marketing or digital branding is your “thing” and selling video online is your prime business then certainly you need to take a look at Uscreen. On the other side if you just want to make some money Uscreen can serve you as well.

In both cases, you would have a reliable platform for providing constant value to your clients.


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