Do you have a marketing funnel in place to help your business? Chances are that if you are the sales or marketing sector, you will have come across the idea of a customer funnel. If not, very basically it’s a series of steps that lead potential customer from the brand awareness and interests stages through to making a purchase and beyond.

Marking The Marketing Funnel Work For You

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A marketing funnel is definitely something that can help your business be more effective, but like most concepts, it has to be put into practice in the right way for you to gain the maximum benefit.

To find out how to do this, read the article below.


Balance is a key issue when using the marketing and sales funnel.

The reason being that it is a specific system with a set order.

The idea is that you start with a large number of leads, and then numbers reduce as they work there way down the funnel.

In practice, that means you have a wider pool of people that know about your brand and show interest than actually end up buying a product from you.

This means that the system you put in place need to be correctly balanced for it to work properly.

For example, if you focus more on the conversion side of things this particular stage may be strong, but you won’t have the correct number of warm leads to feed into.

Therefore no matter how good your conversion strategies are, you will not be able to make your predicted number of sales.

This is why you need to pay equal attention to every stage, even if you can’t see their value straight away.


Diversification is also an important concept when considering the sale and marketing funnel.

The reason for this is that at each stage you are trying to hook customers in and retain their interest in your product.

This is something that cannot be achieved if you don’t use an up to date range of marketing techniques.

In fact, it is often the case that different techniques and platforms are used at different stages to maintain the flow of business.

This may entail using things like Facebook marketing, blogger outreach, and quality content in the first instance.

Then backing these up later on in the timeline of the funnel with tactics like additional help and services, opportunities to contact your business with queries, and a great optimized website.

What Is More Important Than Sales?

Lastly, to truly make the marketing and sale funnel work for your business you have to ensure that you don’t stop when the customer places a sale.

In fact, there are two additional stages after this that can be highly advantageous for your companies further success.

These two stages are ensuring that you gain you client loyalty, and getting them to advocate for you.

The former being something that is usually achieved by supplying a quality product, giving top notch customer service, and ensuring fast delivery.

While the latter is all about making customers feel special and part of an elite group, as well as rewarding them for spreading ‘the good word’ about your product. Something you can find out more about how to do here.